Pro-Palestinian protesters enter, occupy House office building

 October 20, 2023

About 100 pro-Palestinian protesters entered and occupied a House office building in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, drawing comparisons to the January 6, 2021, Capitol breach by Trump supporters. 

The protesters wore masks and black clothing and chanted "Ceasefire now" and "Let Gaza live." They took over the ground floor of the Cannon Office Building, one of three offices for House members.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) led the protest, which Breitbart News and others quickly started calling an "insurrection."

Claiming peace

Taylor Greene was on the scene during the protest and pointed out, “There’s an insurrection happening now on Capitol Hill. They are claiming they want peace but they want money to go to terrorists.”

Greene also said she didn't know why Capitol police allowed the protesters to carry on inside the building.

Eventually, Capitol police did show up and remove protesters from the building, arresting some of them.

Tlaib spoke during the occupation, blaming Israel for bombing a hospital in Gaza in which 500 people were killed even though reports now say it was a misguided Gaza bomb.

She has not apologized for the accusation even though it is generally regarded to be false at this point.

Israel is defending itself

Asking for a ceasefire amounts to asking Israel not to defend itself against Hamas, which is based in Gaza.

After 1,000 Hamas fighters invaded Israel and killed over 1,000 Israeli civilians, including women and children, and kidnapped and raped others, what was Israel supposed to do?

Israel has tried to live in peace with Gaza for many years and has stayed out of the region, but we can see what that got them.

They only have two basic choices: allow Hamas to keep killing their people, or destroy their means of continuing to attack them. If world powers really expect them to do the former, it is a blatant double standard to which other nations have not been held.

So far, Israel has had a track record of not targeting civilians, although there are expected to be civilian casualties from those caught in the crossfire and from Hamas using its own civilians as human shields. If Israel continues to warn civilians before bombing targets and avoid civilian targets, what more can the world really ask of it?

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