Pro-Trump political consultant may run for Congress in Wisconsin

 April 15, 2023

The Hill reported this week that pro-Trump political consultant Alex Bruesewitz may run for Congress in Wisconsin. 

According to the website, Bruesewitz has his sights set on Wisconsin's 8th district should Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher decide to challenge Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

Consultant described as "a MAGA warrior"

"Alex is a MAGA warrior and would easily win this deep Republican seat," a person close to Bruesewitz was quoted as saying.

"If Gallagher decides to run for Senate, his good relationships with Trump world and GOP leaders would be unmatched," the individual continued.

Gallagher has not ruled out the possibility of taking on Baldwin, telling CNN, "I’d never conceived of this as a long-term thing; I don’t think Congress should be a career. I’m going to weigh all those factors and see where I can make the best impact."

Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner noted in an article this week that Bruesewitz has worked to build his profile on social media as a hardcore Trump backer.

Bruesewitz targets DeSantis

A recent example of that came on Thursday when Bruesewitz lashed out at Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis over his response to a recent flood in his home state.

DeSantis is widely regarded as being Trump's strongest competitor despite not having officially announced any plans for 2024.

"Wow DeSantis hasn’t even called about the tragic flooding in Fort Lauderdale. He’s a disgrace!" the political consultant declared.

"Instead he’s in Ohio for his globalist funded shadow presidential campaign. FL deserves a full time governor. If Desantis wants to run for president he should follow the law & RESIGN!" Bruesewitz added.

Controversy over former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis

The Examiner also pointed out that Bruesewitz was recently involved in a Twitter a spat with conservative commentator Michael Caputo.

Caputo took issue with Bruesewitz having released an image of former Trump legal team member Jenna Ellis over a photo of adult film actress Stormy Daniels. The move resulted in a cease and desist letter from Ellis' lawyers.

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