Pro-Trump super PAC targets Biden in new campaign ad

August 21, 2023

The first Republican Party primary election will not come until January when voters in New Hampshire go to the polls.

Yet in a snap move, former President Donald Trump appears to be shifting his focus to the general race. 

New ad goes after Biden on the economy

A sign of that emerged this weekend when Politico reported that the pro-Trump super PAC Make America Great Again Inc. released an ad attacking President Joe Biden.

It contrasts Trump's record with that of his successor, with a particular focus on the economic struggles that Americans face.

As the advertisement draws to a close, a voice can be heard saying that "only Trump is ready to get our economy, our country back on track."

Spokeswoman accuses DeSantis of living "a life of luxury at the expense of others"

However, the evidence suggests that Trump and his supporters are still not ignoring the Republican Party's primary race.

Last week, Make America Great Again Inc. spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt issued a statement to Fox News in which she slammed Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

"Ron DeSantis lives a life of luxury at the expense of others, while President Donald Trump has sacrificed his life of luxury in service of others," it read.

DeSantis says "the swamp got worse" during Trump's presidency

"DeSantis’ governor’s mansion is outfitted with a golf simulator gifted by one of Florida’s biggest developers, and DeSantis frequently flies around on private jets owned by those who have business in front of the state," Leavitt asserted.

"DeSantis' chief of staff also mixed politics with state business by serving as a top fundraiser for DeSantis' campaign and directly soliciting donations from lobbyists in Tallahassee," she continued.

Leavitt's remarks came after DeSantis told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that Trump had failed to drain the swamp in Washington while he had succeeded at doing so in Florida.

"I give him credit, even though we're competing, for the great things he did do. But one of the things he did not do was drain the swamp… the swamp got worse in his four years," DeSantis complained.

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