Pro wrestler Kurtis 'Mad Kurt' Chapman dies at age 26

 December 30, 2023

UK professional wrestler Kurtis "Mad Kurt" Chapman, known for offbeat humorous antics in the ring, has died at the age of 26, a number of news outlets reported on Friday. 

Chapman's cause of death has not been revealed so far.

Revolution Pro Wrestling posted a moving tribute to Chapman on X.

Tributes pour in

"We, at Revolution Pro Wrestling are absolutely heartbroken to report the loss of our dear friend Kurtis Chapman," Revolution posted. "We watched Kurtis grow from a child to a young man who loved professional wrestling and continued to excel in all aspects of his life. One of the most gifted technical wrestlers, charismatic characters and magnetic personalities. He will never be forgotten."

Fellow wrestler Session Moth Martina wrote, "Genuinely gutted. We had some laugh over the years Mad Kurt and I'm not sorry I stiffed you in the jaw you will be missed."

"RIP Mad Kurt. Had such an entertaining yet hard-hitting match with him last year in the UK. I thought he was just some internet troll but he gained my respect that night," former WWE superstar Matt Cardona wrote on X.

TNT Wrestling also offered condolences and said, "Kurtis was not just a well-respected performer but a dear friend. We will miss not just him but the laughter and light he brought to all of us dearly."

Resurgence, the host of his last fight in June, wrote, "Everyone at Wrestling Resurgence is devastated to hear the news about Kurt. Kurt represented everything that was great about wrestling, both sides of the curtain. Our deepest condolences to everyone affected by this loss. RIP Kurt."

His career

Chapman entered the pro wrestling arena at the tender age of 17.

He was known for having a "light-hearted style" and for infusing humor into his matches.

According to Bleacher Report, he competed in Progress Wrestling, Over the Top Wrestling, and Game Changer Wrestling, among other promotions.

He won several titles, most recently the Arthouse title at Resurgence, which he defended successfully in June.

The wrestling world is said to be "in shock" at his youthful passing, as is to be expected in such a circumstance.

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