Progressives blast Adam Schiff over Trump impeachment handling after his Senate campaign announcement

 January 27, 2023

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is speaking out against Rep. Adam Schiff (R-CA) over his handling of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial as the congressman launches a bid for the Senate.

Schiff announced his campaign this week that will include facing Rep. Katie Porter, which the group is backing.

The concerns

"Adam Schiff plays the role of Trump antagonist on TV, but a recent book details how he stalled and undermined leaders trying to hold Trump accountable in Congress," PCCC co-founder Adam Green said Thursday in a statement.

"And he never challenges corporations or the Democratic establishment," it added.

His plans

"Our democracy is at great risk. Because GOP leaders care more about power than anything else," Schiff tweeted, sharing a video announcing his campaign. "We’re in the fight of our lives—a fight I’m ready to lead as California’s next U.S. Senator."

"Schiff was re-elected to a seventh term in November, now representing California's 30th Congressional District. A high-profile lawmaker, he was the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee between 2019 and 2022 and a foil for Republicans during the first impeachment investigation against former President Donald Trump," Fox News reported.

Schiff was recently removed from the House Intel Committee by Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), fulfilling a vow he made over the congressman's false information against Trump and Russian collusion.

The congressman will now seek to move to the Senate. If he wins the primary, he is likely to win the general election in the highly Democratic state.

He'll first have to fight off Porter who has become known for her outspoken progressive views. It may come down to who can prove to be the most liberal in a state known for supporting such values.

Whoever wins will replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein, currently the oldest member of Congress.

The GOP has not given up, however. Though early, it's expected that conservatives will jump in for a strong battle that could become one of the most expensive Senate campaigns in the nation's history.

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