Fact-check sites reveal proof Trump attended graduation ceremonies for all of his children amid controversy over Barron's upcoming ceremony

 April 26, 2024

Amid former President Donald Trump's complaints that he might be barred from attending his youngest son Barron's high school graduation next month because of his ongoing criminal trial in New York, some of his detractors have asserted that his complaints are insincere since he never attended any of the graduation ceremonies for his other adult children.

But those assertions from Trump's haters simply aren't true, as there is photographic evidence of the then-business tycoon's attendance at eldest daughter Ivanka's college graduation ceremony nearly two decades ago, USA Today reported.

Further debunking the absurd claim, another prominent fact-checker site compiled evidence in the form of articles and photographs that also prove Trump attended both the high school and college graduations for all four of his adult children -- Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany.

Trump was at Ivanka's college graduation

USA Today highlighted one example of the many social media posts across all of the major platforms that dishonestly claimed former President Trump never attended any of the graduation ceremonies of his other children, and therefore was insincere about requesting a day away from the New York trial to attend Barron's graduation in May.

That particular post featured a picture of Ivanka in her gown and cap while posing with her mother, grandmother, and two eldest brothers, and was captioned, "'Devoted' father, nowhere to be seen."

Yet, USA Today pointed to a 2011 Facebook post from Ivanka herself that reminisced over her 2004 graduation from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and featured multiple photos from that day, including one of her alongside her father and two brothers.

Evidence shows Trump attended all of his children's graduations from high school and college

Nor was it just Ivanka's college graduation that former President Trump attended -- before naysayers may attempt to claim that was just a limited exception -- as even the typically biased PolitiFact site preemptively debunked those possible false claims with proof that Trump has supported all of his children in person at their graduation ceremonies.

In addition to the photographic evidence that Trump was at Ivanka's graduation from Wharton, a 2016 column from the student newspaper for Ivanka's high school in Connecticut recalled how former students remembered Trump being in attendance at their graduation around the turn of the new millennium.

There are also photos of Trump at Don Jr.'s 1996 high school graduation in Pennsylvania and a newspaper mention about him at Don Jr.'s 2000 graduation from Wharton, as well as article and newspaper mentions about him attending Eric's high school graduation from the same Pennsylvania school and Georgetown University a few years later.

There was also a column from a former classmate who recalled Trump showing up at Tiffany's high school graduation and, in 2016, an article highlighted how Trump took a day off from campaigning to attend Tiffany's graduation from UPenn's School of Arts and Sciences.

In other words, all of the posts from the former president's critics and haters that question his devotion and love for his children by asserting he didn't make time to attend their graduation ceremonies are patently false and untrue.

Judge hasn't yet ruled on Trump's request to attend Barron's graduation

All of that said, former President Trump hasn't been entirely forthright about the true nature of the situation either, as PolitiFact noted that contrary to his frequent complaints over the past couple of weeks, he hasn't been prohibited from attending Barron's graduation next month -- at least, not yet.

CBS News reported that both Trump and one of his attorneys requested separate days off from the New York trial in May and June to attend their children's graduation ceremonies, but Judge Juan Merchan said, "I cannot rule on those two requests at this time."

"It really depends on how we are doing on time and where we are in the trial," he explained. "If everything is going according to schedule without unnecessary delays, then I am sure we will be able to adjourn for one or both of those days, but if we are running behind schedule, we will not be able to."

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