Anti-Trump protester who self-immolated outside NY courthouse previously sued Clinton Foundation

 April 21, 2024

A leftist protester set himself on fire outside the Manhattan courthouse where former President Donald Trump's criminal trial is being held on Friday, ostensibly to raise awareness about an alleged "totalitarian con" and imminent "apocalyptic fascist world coup" waged by the government and allied corporations and non-profit entities.

The self-immolating man, identified as Max Azzarello, 37, was also revealed to have filed a federal lawsuit last year against the Clinton Foundation, among other named defendants, according to Newsweek.

Azzarello alleged that the non-profit Foundation formed by former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played an integral role in the purported scheme to impose an authoritarian global government on the people.

Pronounced dead from his grievous injuries

Fox News reported that Azzarello, who had been spotted protesting outside the Manhattan courthouse earlier this week, scattered a bunch of pamphlets around the area, doused himself with a flammable accelerant, and then lit himself on fire around 1:30 pm ET on Friday.

He burned for a couple of minutes as bystanders and witnesses looked on and filmed the incident with their cellphones before he was eventually extinguished by responding police officers. He was then transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition with severe burns but was pronounced dead from those injuries around nine hours later at 10:30 pm ET.

The pamphlets Azzarello dispersed before his self-immolation led to a Substack page where he had published a "manifesto" explaining his fatal act, which read in part, "This extreme act of protest is to draw attention to an urgent and important discovery: We are victims of a totalitarian con, and our own government (along with many of their allies) is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist world coup."

Filed a lawsuit against the Clinton Foundation and others

According to Newsweek, Azzarello apparently believed that the Clinton Foundation, among others, was part of the "fascist world coup" he sought to warn others about -- at least that was the gist of the April 2023 federal lawsuit he filed that named dozens of co-defendants alongside Bill and Hillary Clinton like Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and billionaire investor Mark Cuban.

Those defendants were alleged to have "knowingly conspired, participated in, and benefited financially from a decades-long fraudulent scheme," per Azzarello, and the Clintons' role specifically involved providing "money [that] was solicited internationally laundered in support of the scheme via the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation [as it was formerly known], which was created for this purpose by President Bill Clinton and Doug Band in 2001."

He further alleged that this and other similar "Ponzi schemes" that began in the 1990s had caused "significant financial, emotional, psychological harm" to himself and his "health and safety."

Unfortunately for Azzarello, who represented himself in court, his lawsuit was dismissed about a month after it was filed by U.S. District Judge J. Paul Oetken, who cited a "lack of standing and lack of subject matter jurisdiction" as the reasons for the dismissal.

Interestingly enough, or perhaps ironically, his still-active LinkedIn account includes a profile picture that features him posing alongside former President Clinton

Dove deep into globalist conspiracy theories in recent years

According to the Washington Examiner, Azzarello had been active on social media for at least the past decade and his activity seemed typical for the average politically-active young Democrat, though things took a decidedly darker turn after his mother passed away in 2022.

It was then that he began posting about various wide-ranging conspiracy theories involving the federal government, the CIA, colleges and universities, the wealthy elite, and cryptocurrencies.

Other unconfirmed reports indicated that Azzarello seemingly despised both former President Trump and President Joe Biden, though he had been a fan of former President Barack Obama and progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and was recently describing himself as an "anarcho-communist."

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