Anti-Israel protesters disrupt Biden interview with Seth Myers, accuse him of 'funding genocide'

 February 27, 2024

President Joe Biden went to New York City on Monday for an interview with NBC's "Late Night" host Seth Myers and, while there, was besieged by a group of anti-Israel protesters, the Washington Examiner reported.

The protesters, who claimed to be Jewish New Yorkers opposed to Israel's retaliatory actions against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, accused the president of supporting a "genocide" against Palestinian civilians and demanded an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing fighting.

The group claimed that around 50 of its members and "allies" were arrested by the police after they refused to end their occupation of the lobby in the building where Biden's interview with Myers occurred.

Biden accused of "funding genocide"

Footage posted to social media from one of the activists showed the protesters repeatedly chanting, "Biden, Biden, you can't hide; you are funding genocide."

The video also revealed protesters holding banners that read: "The Whole World is Watching;" "Jews to Biden: Stop Arming Genocide;" and "Lasting Ceasefire," among others.

Some of the protesters also reportedly vowed to not vote for President Biden's re-election unless a ceasefire agreement was in place.

Protest group demands Biden stop supporting Israel

The group that organized the protest against President Biden calls itself the Jewish Voice for Peace NYC, and it claimed in an X post that "50 Jewish New Yorkers were just arrested disrupting @POTUS appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers at NBC’s Famed 30 Rockefeller Center calling on President Biden to stop supporting the Israeli government’s genocide against Palestinians in Gaza."

The JVP-NYC group also posted a thread on the X platform that appeared to double as a statement explaining why they decided to disrupt Biden's taped interview with Seth Myers that aired later Monday night, in that they wanted to "make it clear that supporters of genocide are not welcome in our city."

"President Biden’s deadly foreign policy has expedited weapons sales to Israel, ignored the World Court’s determination that Israel is committing genocide, suspended funding to UNRWA, and vetoed three UN ceasefire resolutions," the group said.

"The growing public consensus on the need to prevent further loss of life in Gaza as the death toll eclipses 30,000 cannot be denied," they continued. "Yet President Biden has still pledged an additional $14.1 billion in military funding to Israel."

"The President needs to start answering to the American people -- not the far-Right Israeli government indiscriminately bombing the people of Gaza, destroying 70% of infrastructure, including hospitals, universities and the electricity and water grids," the statement added.

Biden hopeful for "ceasefire" by next week

Whether those anti-Israel protesters were aware of it or not, President Biden and Myers went to get some ice cream from a nearby shop after the taped interview, during which Biden briefly spoke with reporters and was asked when a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas he supposedly helped negotiate would take effect.

"Well, I hope by the beginning of the weekend -- I mean the end of the weekend," Biden said. "At least, my -- my National Security Advisor tells me that we’re close. We’re close. It’s not done yet. And my hope is by next Monday, we’ll have a ceasefire."

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