Protestors demand resignation of Virgin Islands officials named in Epstein lawsuit

 December 2, 2023

A lawsuit that was filed in a Manhattan federal court last month alleges that officials in the U.S. Virgin Islands helped finance mogul and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein get away with trafficking minors.

That news brought protestors out on the streets this past Tuesday to demand the resignation of Gov. Albert Bryan Jr and several of the territory's sitting senators.

Lawsuit maintains that territory's government was complicit in Epstein's abuse

According to The St. Thomas Source, the suit was filed in Manhattan on November 22 by five unnamed victims and asserts that the U.S. Virgin Islands' government facilitated Epstein's crimes.

"The venture had everything a sex-trafficking organization needed — funding, infrastructure, a place to operate said organization openly and without fear of interference or oversight, and complicit laws, employees, and government,"  it stated.

"It was by many accounts the most powerful and wealthiest sex-trafficking venture ever created," the 37-page filing went on to add.

Former Virgin Islands first lady worked at company owned by Epstein

"Without the USVI government, inclusive of Defendants, Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme could not have existed and flourished, undisturbed in the USVI," the filing insisted.

The complaint named over 100 prominent figures in the Virgin Islands' political scene, including former First Lady Cecile de Jongh.

The Source noted that the former first lady was at one point employed as office manager of Epstein’s Southern Trust company.

Those claims led protestors to assemble outside the Legislature of the Virgin Islands where they condemned the governor and multiple lawmakers.

Protest organizer says named officials "gotta go"

Among the protest organizers was community activist Margaret Price, who previously served as an educator and ran for a seat in the territory's Senate.

"It's all come to a head," Price was quoted as telling the Source, adding, "We’re here. We’ll be here. But they gotta go."

"We want the resignation of all our elected officials named in the Epstein filings, and we want accountability for all the officials that were named and no longer in office," she insisted.

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