Racist, soft-on-crime prosecutor Rachael Rollins resigns over ethics violations

 May 18, 2023

Massachusetts' woke, anti-white U.S. attorney, Rachael Rollins, is resigning this week after an ethics investigation found she violated the public trust.

Rollins, a Biden appointee, announced her resignation Tuesday after a Department of Justice watchdog found she abused her power in an attempt to sway the election to choose her successor at the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, where she served previously.

Even before the report's release, it was apparent that Rollins was not fit for duty. The first black woman to serve as U.S. attorney for her state did not hide an explosive temper, or the chip on her shoulder concerning race, which often came out in bitter, disparaging remarks.

The investigation was sparked by Rollins' attendance at a Democratic party fundraiser last year with Jill Biden, which raised concerns about the Hatch Act.

Biden prosecutor resigns

The Office of Special Counsel called Rollins' conduct among the "most egregious" Hatch Act violations the office had ever seen.

Rollins, investigators found, pressured the U.S. attorney's office to help her preferred candidate in the Suffolk County DA race by creating a public impression that another candidate was under criminal investigation.

When that effort was rebuffed, Rollins leaked non-public information to the media to damage Kevin Hayden, who went on to win his primary against Rollins' ally, Ricardo Arroyo. Rollins then leaked more information during the uncontested general election to damage Hayden.

Rollins lied under oath about being the source of the leaks, the report said, but the Biden DOJ declined to prosecute her.

She also improperly solicited tickets to a Boston Celtics game and showed poor judgment by weighing in on the Dobbs leak at a partisan press conference, the report said.

Unfit for duty

It wasn't hard to predict that Rollins would abuse her authority. Shortly before her appointment by Biden, Rollins infamously impersonated a police officer during an altercation in a parking lot with another motorist.

When journalists pressed her on the incident outside her home, Rollins erupted and disparaged the other woman, who was white, over her race.

"So the rantings of a white woman get you here and scare my children?" Rollins asked.

In 2020, Rollins mocked a white prosecutor who criticized soft-on-crime prosecutors, saying, "I really don’t have much time for more white men telling me what communities of color need."

Her lawyer said that Rollins is "profoundly honored to serve as U.S. Attorney over the past 16 months" but "her presence has become a distraction."

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