Ramaswamy claims Democrats closer to replacing Biden with Michelle Obama

 February 11, 2024

Former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has reiterated his belief that Democrats may replace President Biden with Michelle Obama on their party's ticket following the release of the special counsel's report.

The report, conducted by Special Counsel Robert Hur, shed light on Biden's cognitive abilities, indicating that charges would not be brought against him partly due to the perception that he is a "sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory."

The claims

Despite this acknowledgment, the report highlighted that Biden had "willfully" obtained classified documents during his tenure as vice president and senator.

Ramaswamy, who previously voiced concerns about Biden's candidacy during the campaign, suggested to Fox News Digital that the special counsel's findings provide a "convenient path" for Democrats to nominate the former first lady.

He elaborated on the Democratic Party's potential hurdles in replacing Biden, pointing to Vice President Kamala Harris's perceived inability to effectively assume the presidential role.

Ramaswamy emphasized the importance of identity politics within the party and proposed Michelle Obama as a suitable alternative who aligns with their ideological criteria and could be viewed favorably in a general election.

The Hur report

Regarding Hur's decision not to pursue charges against Biden, Ramaswamy interpreted it as a sign of Biden's eventual willingness to step aside.

He noted Biden's recent statements indicating openness to other Democratic nominees' potential success in the general election as part of a broader trend toward his eventual replacement.

Hur's report detailed instances of Biden's "hazy" memory, including confusion about his tenure as vice president and the timing of his son Beau's death.

Other developments

These revelations, coupled with Biden's recent verbal missteps, continue to raise concerns among voters about his advanced age, particularly with his likely 2024 opponent, former President Trump, also approaching his late seventies.

Ramaswamy's comments underscore the growing speculation surrounding Biden's future within the Democratic Party, particularly in light of Hur's report.

The potential replacement of Biden with Michelle Obama presents a significant shift in the political landscape, given her popularity and alignment with Democratic values.

As the Democratic Party navigates these developments, questions regarding Biden's ability to lead and concerns about his cognitive health remain at the forefront of public discourse. The upcoming presidential election cycle promises to be pivotal, with implications for the future direction of American politics.

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