Raphael Warnock complains of voter suppression despite record turnout

 December 8, 2022

Following his victory this week in Georgia's runoff election, Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock told supporters that the state is plagued with voter suppression. 

According to Breitbart, Warnock asserted during his victory speech on Tuesday evening that Georgians faced "all kinds of tricks" aimed at stopping them from casting a ballot.

Warnock: Election was a "vestige of the ugly side of our complicated American story"

"Let me be clear. Just because people endured long lines that wrapped around buildings, some blocks long, just because they endured the rain and the cold and all kinds of tricks in order to vote doesn’t mean that voter suppression does not exist," Warnock said.

"It simply means that you the people have decided that your voices will not be silenced," the Democratic lawmaker insisted.

Warnock could be seen in another clip alleging that his race against Walker was a "vestige of the ugly side of our complicated American story."

Warnock's comments are in line with attacks that he and other Democrats have made against Senate Bill 202, a piece of election integrity legislation signed into law by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp on March 25.

Many objected to its requirement that voters use government-issued ID to verify who they are, something President Joe Biden described as "Jim Crow 2.o."

However, Fox News host Sean Hannity explained during a broadcast last year how Georgia's voting rules are less restrictive than those in the president's home state.

Georgia sees record voter turnout

What's more, Biden's allegations don't fit with figures published by the Georgia secretary of state's office which show that last month saw "record breaking early turnout."

In fact, the office stated that in-person early voting on November 4 "was 6% higher than the final day of Early Voting in the 2020 Presidential election."

"Georgia voters came out in near Presidential-level numbers," Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement.

"County election directors handled that demand with the utmost professionalism. They navigated a whole host of challenges and executed seamlessly. They deserve our highest praise," he continued.

What's more, even mainstream media outlets such as CNBC and ABC News took note of Georgia's massive surge in early voting.

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