Rapper pardoned by Trump arrested for drug possession

December 8, 2023

The rapper Kodak Black has been arrested for drug possession, roughly three years after receiving a pardon from President Trump.

The 26-year-old, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was slumped over the steering wheel when police pulled him over for blocking traffic in Plantation, Florida.

Apparently, Kapri made a bold attempt to throw away some cocaine while the police were searching his Bentley.

Rapper tries to hide drugs...

The cops noticed the smell of marijuana reeking from his car - the driver's window was down - and found rolling papers inside.

He admitted to having marijuana and police observed him attempting to throw away a white powdery substance.

A bag of cocaine was found in his pocket, and he was observed to have white powder in his mouth. He was charged with possession of cocaine and tampering with physical evidence.

Black's car showed signs of damage, indicative of a recent car crash.

His first court appearance was Thursday.

Long rap sheet

Kapri has had numerous run-ins with the law throughout his young life, including a 2022 arrest for drug possession.

At the time, Kapri was pulled over for driving with illegally tinted windows. Police found $75,000 in cash and a stash of oxycodone pills in the car, and his license plate and driver's license were expired.

An arrest warrant was issued for Kapri this year after he failed to show up for drug tests.

Kapri was accused of raping a teenage girl at a hotel in South Carolina following a concert in 2016. He pled guilty to assault and was sentenced to probation in 2021.

Pardoned by Trump

Kapri was sentenced to three years in prison for falsifying documents to purchase a gun in Florida. He served half his sentence after receiving a pardon from President Trump on his last day in office.

Black's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, has ties to Trump. Cohen also secured a pardon for rapper Lil Wayne.

Trump has sometimes faced criticism from conservatives over his criminal justice reform efforts, which received backing from celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

More recently, Trump said he would be "honored" to have the support of Black Lives Matter after one of the group's leaders endorsed him.

On the other hand, Trump has proposed giving the death penalty to drug dealers and has even joked that he would govern like a "dictator" on "day one" of his presidency.

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