Rapper Waka Flocka Flame endorses Trump

 October 17, 2023

Donald Trump received an endorsement for president from the southern rap star Waka Flocka Flame - the latest proof of the celebrity president's broad appeal with the American people.

The rapper - whose real name is Juaquin James Malphurs - kept his endorsement cut and dry: "Trump 2024."

The "Hard In the Paint" rapper also changed his profile picture to a photograph of him and Trump posing together.

Shock Trump endorsement

The Trump campaign was quick to capitalize on the news with a post touting the endorsement.

The rapper defended the endorsement in a second post.

"I’m an not a politician and i don’t wanna talk politics… i only answer to the people that made me and that’s my FANS aka THE PEOPLE… i love y’all with every bone in my body man Squaddd," the rapper tweeted.

The Atlanta-based rapper was one of the biggest hip-hop artists of the early 2010s and a formative influence on trap music, a popular and aggressive style of southern rap.

Atlanta happens to be where Trump had his historic mugshot taken weeks ago. The iconic, defiant image made waves in the hip hop world, with one rapper, Badman Kevo, tattooing the picture on his leg in Trump's honor.

Alpha Trump....

Trump has received shout outs from various rappers over the years, with some praising his criminal justice reform, pandemic stimulus checks and alpha male personality as reasons for liking him. Before leaving office, Trump pardoned Lil Wayne and Kodak Black.

Some speculate that Trump's own experience with a "two-tiered" criminal justice system will make him more relatable to the black community, which has historically been among the most reliable voting blocs for Democrats.

In his latest act of bravado, Trump told supporters Monday that he is "willing to go to jail" after the judge overseeing one of his four criminal cases slapped him with an unprecedented gag order.

"They're getting beaten very badly by me in the polls. They think the only way they can catch me is to stop me from speaking," Trump said.

Clearly, there is something about Trump that is appealing to Americans of many different walks of life. He is not a typical politician, that's for sure.

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