'Real Housewives' star to serve 6.5 year prison sentence for telephone scam

 January 7, 2023

Fans of the hit television series, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, were in for a major shock last week after it was revealed that one of its stars is set to do hard prison time for a shady telemarketing scam.

The details of the telemarketing scam run by Jen Shah are insane. The scam took place over the period of roughly a decade, and it was especially heinous given that the scam targeted the elderly and other especially vulnerable people, Breitbart reported.

In total, thousands were reportedly defrauded as a result of the scam.

Breitbart noted: "Shah, 49, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Sidney H. Stein as a leader of a nationwide fraud that targeted people who were often unsophisticated electronically and could least afford to lose their money."

Both sides attempted to talk the judge in the case up and down as far as sentencing was concerned. Prosecutors wanted her to serve 10 years for the scheme, while Shah's attorney attempted to get her a mere three years.

Shah, during her sentencing hearing, made a number of admissions as far as her level of guilt in defrauding so many people over the years.

"I struggled to accept responsibility for the longest time because I deluded myself into believing … that I did nothing wrong," she said. "For years I blamed other people for putting me in this position."

Shah added: “I alone am responsible for my terrible decisions. It was all my fault and all my wrongdoing."

"I have no one to blame but myself. … I wish I could have stood outside myself and seen the harm I was causing and changed course. I am profoundly and deeply sorry."

The former television star didn't seem to earn much sympathy across social media, with many high-profile fans of the show suggesting that she should have gotten a longer sentence, at the very least.

"It truly breaks my heart to see what greed does to innocent people! STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR JEN SHAH’S ACTIONS! SHE DESERVED MORE THAN 6.5 YEARS!! How can anyone support a monster who stole from elderly people and their hard earned money?!" one Twitter user wrote.

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