Recall effort of New Orleans' mayor has enough signatures to proceed

 February 27, 2023

Those organizing the recall effort of New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) say that they now have enough signatures to proceed to a recall election, Fox News reports

The effort, which was launched in August 2022, is being led by the No LaToya Recall Campaign. The chairman of the campaign is Belden Batiste, and its vice chair is Eileen Carter.


According to previous reporting by Fox News, those behind the recall effort have taken issue with New Orleans' elevated crime rate - which at one point made New Orleans number one in the nation in terms of homicides per capita.

Those who support the recall also have taken issue with "extensive" traveling done by Cantrell, including one trip to the French Riviera which is said to have cost $47,000.

According to Carter, though, there is more to the story. Carter says that even the simple things aren't being taken care of, such as filling in potholes in the streets.

Carter had worked in Cantrell's social media department, at one point, for three years. And, according to Carter, Cantrell has "quiet quit" on the people of New Orleans in her second term. Cantrell says that it has been "like a tale of two mayors."

Public records show that, whereas Cantrell, during her first term, held regular meetings with heads of departments, Cantrell, as of November, hadn't held any such meetings in over a year.

The "race card"

Cantrell has not recently released a statement on the recall effort.

But, previously, she dismissed the recall effort as a "Republican-backed maneuver by people with an agenda" to "undermine and discredit the first Black woman mayor of New Orleans."

Carter, however, doesn't think much of this claim. She responded to it, saying, "their narrative is what is playing across America. It's the easiest one. It's the race card."

It's happening

On Wednesday, organizers of the recall effort handed the petitions that have received to the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters. In doing so, they just barely made the Feb. 22 deadline.

In order to trigger a recall election, organizers needed to obtain about 50,000 signatures. Organizers say that they have exceeded this mark, although this has yet to be confirmed.

"Right now our mayor doesn’t love New Orleans so the citizens and the residents stood up," Carter said. "We’re taking our city back, and we’re gonna save New Orleans."

"Mayor LaToya, it ain't that we hate you," Batiste added. "You didn't do your job, and you're about to be fired."

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