Rep. Jordan says Hunter Biden could get year in prison for contempt charge

 January 8, 2024

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated that Hunter Biden could potentially face up to a year in jail for failing to attend a subpoena hearing last month.

Jordan's statement precedes the contempt of Congress hearings scheduled for this week, drawing comparisons to the prosecution of Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro by Attorney General Merrick Garland after their noncompliance with congressional depositions.

The interview

Appearing on Fox News's Sunday Morning Futures, Jordan stated, "So, we'll see what happens when that goes to the attorney general. But that would be his call."

He added, "But I do think there was support in the House, certainly in the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight Committee, to pass that contempt resolution, and then it'll go to the House floor, I think, quickly thereafter."

Scheduled for Wednesday morning, two separate hearings by the Judiciary and Oversight committees will address the contempt resolution.

The hearings were triggered by Hunter Biden's failure to adhere to a subpoena on Dec. 13, opting instead to deliver a public statement outside the U.S. Capitol.

The Oversight Committee

Jordan, along with Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), emphasized in a joint statement, "We will not provide him with special treatment because of his last name."

House Republicans continue their investigation into Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings during his father's vice presidency, extending their scrutiny into 2024 as President Joe Biden seeks reelection.

In an October Associated Press poll, public opinions on Hunter Biden's business dealings and his father's involvement varied, with 35% suggesting Joe Biden acted illegally, 33% indicating he acted unethically, and 30% asserting he did nothing wrong regarding his son's dealings.

What's next?

The House Oversight Committee is set to convene a meeting this week to consider a resolution for holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress.

This action comes in response to Hunter Biden's non-compliance with congressional subpoenas issued by the House Oversight Committee and House Judiciary Committee.

The subpoenas were part of the House Republican-led impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Hunter Biden was summoned for a closed-door deposition, but he offered to testify only in a public setting. When this request was denied, he appeared on Capitol Hill to deliver a statement to the press, thereby defying the subpoena.

Comer and Jordan have expressed their intention to pursue measures to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress.

The ongoing hearings and potential legal actions against Hunter Biden underscore the political and legal challenges surrounding the issue as the investigations unfold.

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