Rep. Khanna claims he has Dem support in his calls for Sen. Feinstein's resignation

 April 17, 2023

The push by members of the Democratic Party to convince Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 89, out of office is intensifying by the day.

According to the Washington Examiner, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) has been vocal about his insistence that Feinstein hangs it up, especially given that her absence from the chamber since February gives Republicans a way to block certain actions, including political appointments and legislative actions.

While Khanna took some heat from the old guard of the Dem Party, he recently revealed that behind the scenes, he's receiving plenty of support for his stance.

The Examiner noted that her several month-long absence is due to a case of Shingles.

Pressure mounting

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) joined Khanna in the call for Feinstein's retirement. The two lawmakers released separate statements in which they praised her long career, but essentially said enough is enough.

"It’s time for @SenFeinstein to resign. We need to put the country ahead of personal loyalty. While she has had a lifetime of public service, it is obvious she can no longer fulfill her duties. Not speaking out undermines our credibility as elected representatives of the people," Khanna tweeted last week.

The Examiner noted:

Khanna, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, passed on a run for Feinstein's seat, choosing instead to back Rep. Barbara Lee's (D-CA) candidacy. She is one of three House Democrats vying to replace Feinstein.

Feinstein has reportedly received the message, even going as far as to present a compromise, in that she'll remove herself from the Senate Judiciary Committee until she can make a full return.

With rumors of her declining cognitive abilities, which have caused embarrassing moments several times over the past few years, some do not believe she'll be able to make a return, at least not in a healthy state that Americans expect of their elected representatives.

Gaining support

Khanna's call for Feinstein's resignation, according to a recent interview, has gained private support.

"Quite a few people have said in private, [have] texted [me] saying they agree with that," Khanna recently said on MSNBC.

"I think many colleagues are hoping she will come to the conclusion on her own [to resign]," he added. "They have a lot of respect for her, they don't want to push her in a corner, but they're hoping that she will make this decision to have dignity in ending a distinguished career."

Only time will tell if Feinstein buckles in the face of mounting pressure. But as far as Republicans are concerned, she can stay out just as long as she needs to.

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