Rep. Massie calls raid of Amish milk farm 'shameful'

 January 26, 2024

Republicans have expressed outrage after an Amish farm was raided by the government over an "illegal milk" selling accusation. 

According to the Epoch Times, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) weighed in on the matter, saying it's one of many examples of government overreach and "has weaponized its regulatory agencies on behalf of large agriculture interests."

Massie believes the "rule makers" in the Department of Agriculture are colluding with big Ag companies and making it unfair for small farmers.

Amish farmers, who aren't hurting anyone, are especially vulnerable, along with other small farming operations.

What's going on?

Massie held nothing back in his assessment of the situation, saying that the "deck is stacked" against small farmers across the nation who are so important to local communities.

"The deck is definitely stacked," Massie told the Epoch Times.

He added, "85 percent of meat comes from four companies, and this monopoly exists as a result of government regulatory policy. There is an incestuous relationship between these large companies and the Department of Agriculture."

"The small dairy farmer is almost extinct," the congressman added.

The government raid on the Amish farm sparked outrage across the nation, especially from the Republican side of the aisle and other leaders.

What happened?

The outlet gave a quick recap on what went down in the raid:

Earlier this month, the alleged failures to adhere to the government’s regulatory policy led to Miller’s Organic Farm, a popular Amish farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, being the subject of an armed raid by officials on suspicion of selling “illegal milk,” among other products.

Social media users reacted to the news.

"We need a bill to prevent the sale or distribution of meat that is genetically modified in any way, with teeth to prosecute and allow people to sue said companies. We also need a bill to protect natural foods like the Amish farmer that was recently raided," one X user wrote

Massie summed it up best:

"People are going to break laws when the laws are ridiculous," he explained, referring to the ridiculous regulations in place. "A small farmer can’t get to market without paying costly fees or jumping through hoops that often make little or no sense."

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