Rep. Schiff predicts McCarthy will allow a government shutdown

 September 4, 2023

Americans are on the verge of experiencing another potential government shutdown, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) finds himself in a tough spot within the ranks of his own party.

According to the Washington Examiner, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has predicted that the government will, in fact, shut down due to McCarthy's power struggle to keep the speaker's gavel.

At best, it's predicted that upon their return to Congress, the Republican-led House will have little time to negotiate a short-term spending deal that will only buy a few months.

Some Republican lawmakers, such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), says she'll vote against a short-term bill if Republicans do not open an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, putting McCarthy in a political pickle.

Schiff's prediction

The California Democrat made the prediction Sunday during an MSNBC interview, in which he explained that MTG and a handful of other Republicans, who hold considerable power, have the power to hold McCarthy hostage on the deal.

Schiff believes McCarthy will give in to the group of Republicans demanding Biden's impeachment, if anything, to stay in the leadership position.

"I fear that we are on a path to government shutdown because there are enough members of the Republican conference who want it and Kevin McCarthy will do whatever it takes to remain speaker one more day or one more week. That's his sole motivation," Schiff said.

There's been increasing pressure on House Republicans to open an impeachment inquiry against President Biden, along with several members of his Cabinet.

McCarthy has hinted that he's open to the idea, but hasn't committed one way or the other.

"To open an impeachment inquiry is a serious matter, and House Republicans would not take it lightly or use it for political purposes. The American people deserve to be heard on this matter through their elected representatives," McCarthy recently told Breitbart.

He added, “That’s why, if we move forward with an impeachment inquiry, it would occur through a vote on the floor of the People’s House and not through a declaration by one person."

War room launched

For his part, Biden had reportedly amped up his legal "war room," with reports of multiple lawyers and advisers already devising plans for the possible Republican maneuver.

Biden is also facing increased pressure regarding his son Hunter Biden's growing legal woes.

Only time will tell if Republicans pull the trigger.

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