Repeal of Biden student loan forgiveness passes House, heads to Senate

 May 25, 2023

The House voted 218-203 on Wednesday to repeal President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness program, which gave up to $20,000 per borrower to those making less than $125,000.

House Joint Resolution 45 invokes the Congressional Review Act to repeal the Biden executive order, which is also being challenged in court. A few Democrats joined Republicans to pass the resolution.

During debate on the resolution, Republicans argued that loan forgiveness transfers the debt to taxpayers who already paid off their loans and those that didn't go to college, which is patently unfair.

Democrats are choosing to focus on the number of borrowers who would be helped by the program.

Congressional power

"Congress must reclaim its power and act today to stop the unilateral action of President Biden that is exacerbating the higher education financial crisis," Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), who sponsored the resolution, said on the House floor. "This bill is needed to help steer our government spending in a more responsible direction."

Biden has been grabbing all the power he can from Congress since taking office, and every time Congress doesn't act it is letting him do so.

Even centrist Democrats don't like Biden's loan forgiveness program, so there's an off-chance it could pass the Democrat-controlled Senate too.

Other Democrats argued that the loan forgiveness program also helped those who never got a degree, but still took out loans. Some of these were defrauded by their schools and never had it made right for them.

It seems as though that situation could be addressed with a less comprehensive forgiveness program, however.

Biden promises veto

Biden has promised to veto the resolution if it does pass the Senate, and it's unlikely Republicans can get enough bipartisan support to override his veto.

The forgiveness program has been frozen in the courts since last fall, and may be overturned altogether if the lawsuit is successful.

Republicans just figured they could act legislatively too, and if they were successful, it would make the court case moot and settle the matter once and for all..

While student loan forgiveness is Biden's signature initiative, it is another example of the excessive spending that has caused inflation for the last two years and caused 90 million Americans, or 38% of households, to say they are having trouble making ends meet in 2023.

Why does Biden want to make things easier for college degreeholders, who already make more overall than most households do? It doesn't make sense even according to Democrat standards.

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