Report: Biden sent thousands of e-mails using a pseudonym

 August 30, 2023

The National Archives has confirmed that Joe Biden used pseudonyms to send and receive over 5,000 e-mails while he was vice president.

Biden used the pseudonyms Robin Ware, Robert L. Peters and JRB Ware, to discuss government business on a private e-mail server.

The emails raise further questions about Biden's government work and the extent to which it overlapped with his son's business dealings in countries like Ukraine.

Biden's emails

The emails were confirmed to be real in response to the Southeastern Legal Foundation, which filed a lawsuit in June of 2022.

The National Archives identified "approximately 5,138 email messages, 25 electronic files and 200 pages of potentially responsive records" in its response.

Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign was notoriously overshadowed by a scandal over her illegal use of a private e-mail server, but she was never prosecuted for it.

Biden's emails could shed more light on what he was doing in Ukraine and China during his vice presidency.

Biden was known by the notorious alias "the big guy" to his son's business associates - who had the privilege of dining with and talking to the vice president over the phone.

The big guy

Biden's aide, John Flynn, copied Hunter Biden on at least 10 previously released e-mails in May and June of 2016 that included his father's schedule. The emails were sent to the address ""

One May 2016 email mentions a phone call between Joe Biden and Ukraine's then-president Petro Poroshenko.

Biden infamously pressured Poroshenko to fire Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma Holdings, the company that infamously paid Hunter Biden a seven-figure salary.

Democrats have said for years that Shokin was corrupt, but newly released documents from the Obama State Department suggest that officials there were pleased with Shokin and surprised by Biden's push to sack him.


Meanwhile, Southeastern Legal says that NARA - the same agency, by the way, that sparked the criminal investigation into President Trump over classified documents - has obstructed the release of Biden's emails.

“All too often, public officials abuse their power by using it for their personal or political benefit. When they do, many seek to hide it," Kimberly Hermann, SLF general counsel, said in a statement.

"The only way to preserve governmental integrity is for NARA to release Biden’s nearly 5,400 emails to SLF and thus the public. The American public deserves to know what is in them."

Republicans in Congress are pursuing their own investigation into Biden's pseudonymous emails as their probe of his family's influence peddling continues.

“The National Archives must provide these unredacted records to further our investigation into the Biden family’s corruption,” Republican James Comer (Ky.) said.

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