Report: Biden spent 40% of 2022 on vacation

 January 2, 2023

Fox News reported that President Joe Biden was accused of climate hypocrisy last week for having a piece of legislation flown down to his vacation spot in St. Croix even as he lectures Americans on their carbon footprint.

However, this behavior is nothing new, with a recent analysis showing that Biden has devoted 40% of his time in office to vacationing. 

Presidents are never really on vacation

According to the Daily Caller, the president's public schedule reveals that in 2022 he has spent some 92 full or partial days in Delaware and another 32 full or partial days at Camp David.

What's more, Biden also headed off to South Carolina for a week and spent five days each in Nantucket and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The White House has responded to criticism of the president's travel habits by insisting that Biden can perform his duties away from Washington.

"The presidency is a nonstop job that chief executives can do from anywhere in the world. And regardless of location, he has taken fewer vacation days than the modern norm," the Daily caller quoted White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates as saying.

White House says president's behavior is "not unusual"

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre offered a similar defense of Biden’s vacation habits during a September press conference, insisting that they are "not unusual."

"The times that the president has gone to Delaware, not including and we were very clear when he went to South Carolina in August and Rehoboth he was going to go spend time with his family which every president does," Jean-Pierre said.

"That is not unusual, that is not uncommon to do and the president has a right to spend time with his family just like every other American across the country," she added.

CNN admits that Biden has taken more time off than Trump

Yet as the Daily Caller pointed out, even left-leaning CNN acknowledged in October that Biden's propensity for taking vacations exceeds that of his predecessor.

"Some 21 months into his term, Biden has made 55 visits to Delaware, totaling some or all of 174 days as of Sunday, according to a CNN analysis of presidential schedules and a tally kept by Mark Knoller, the longtime unofficial statistician of the White House press corps," the network stated.

"In addition, Biden has made 19 visits, or all or part of 64 days, to the Camp David presidential retreat in rural Maryland," it continued.

"He has now surpassed even the getaway time of former President Donald Trump, so often criticized by Democrats for his regular departures from the White House to stay at one of his personal homes," the network concluded.

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