Summary report of Biden's annual physical exam makes no mention of cognitive capabilities and mental health despite real concerns for most Americans

 March 1, 2024

President Joe Biden, 81, recently underwent his annual physical examination and received a relatively clean bill of health with a few items of possible concern from the White House physician, but some observers noted that something crucial was missing from the doctor's report.

There was virtually no mention of Biden's mental health in the annual summary, which has prompted renewed demands from some for the president to undergo an assessment of his cognitive capabilities, Breitbart reported.

The apparent decline of Biden's mental health status, much more so than his seemingly typical decline in physical health, is of great concern for a substantial majority of Americans but looks to have gone completely unaddressed by the medical professionals who watch over the elderly president.

Biden's annual physical exam report

On Wednesday, the White House released the results of President Biden's annual physical exam as outlined in a letter and report written by White House Physician Kevin O'Connor that said there were "no new concerns" and declared him to be "fit for duty" and capable of executing all of his responsibilities "without any exemptions or accommodations."

Though the doctor didn't observe any "new" issues of concern, he did highlight a few previously identified areas that merited continued attention, such as the "Obstructive Sleep Apnea" he occasionally suffers from that has necessitated the use of "Positive Airway Pressure," or PAP, which is a special mask that he wears while sleeping that forces his airways to remain open so he can breathe normally.

Dr. O'Connor largely glossed over Biden's heart health, acid reflux, and seasonal allergies, for which he takes various prescription and over-the-counter medications, but did focus on his "stiffened gait" and reduced reaction to hot/cold sensations in his feet and ankles, which was attributed to worsening "peripheral neuropathy" in his feet brought about in part by a foot fracture a few years ago and normal "degenerative osteoarthritic changes" in his spine, and for which he recommended a "more intensive stretching routine" as part of Biden's normal exercise program.

In the end, the doctor declared that Biden is "a healthy, active, robust 81-year-old male, who remains fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State, and Commander-in-Chief."

Vast majority of Americans have real concerns about Biden's physical and mental health

What garnered no real mention in Dr. O'Connor's report was President Biden's cognitive capabilities and mental health status, which is of paramount concern to many Americans.

It was less than a month ago that NBC News reported on a recent survey it conducted which found that a combined 89% of registered voters had either "major" (62%), "moderate" (14%), or "minor" (13%) concerns about Biden "not having the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term."

Among the 76% with "major" and "moderate" concerns about Biden's overall health, that included not just 95% of Republicans but also 81% of independent voters and even 54% of Democrats. Yet, while those concerns as they pertain to the president's physical health may have been at least partially assuaged by the doctor's summary report, the same cannot be said for his mental health.

What about Biden's mental health and cognitive capabilities?

Breitbart noted that George Washington University medical professor Dr. Marc Seigal suggested to Fox News that there might be a link between President Biden's "stiffened gait" and his apparent decline in cognitive capabilities, based on things he'd heard from other neurologists he'd spoken with.

"Some neurologists have told me that this gait-way -- your feet are kind of glued to the floor -- is more consistent with fluid on the brain or possibly not enough blood flow to areas of the brain," Seigal explained, and added, "I’m not saying he has that; I haven’t examined them. But we didn’t see any imaging of the brain, MRI, and again, no cognitive testing. The American public is questioning his cognitive ability because of the frequent lapses he’s had in memory."

That has led to a growing number of lawmakers -- not to mention former President Donald Trump -- insisting that Biden immediately undergo a full assessment of his cognitive capabilities and for the results of such tests to be made public in the interest of transparency.

In a recent Truth Social post, Trump declared, "Crooked Joe Biden must take a Cognitive Test. Maybe that way we would be able to find out why he makes such terrible decisions. I took two of them, and ACED them both (no mistakes!). All Presidents, or people wanting to become President, should mandatorily take this test!"

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