Report: Bill and Hillary Clinton will be a force in Biden's reelection campaign

 January 30, 2024

According to NBC News, the Biden campaign is organizing a fundraiser featuring former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. That announcement comes just two months after Hillary Clinton hosted a fundraiser of her own. 

NBC News cited four unnamed sources familiar with the matter as saying that the event is meant to "be lucrative and headline-grabbing."

Event featuring Clinton and Obama planned for March or April

What's more, campaign officials also hope it will gin up excitement among Democratic voters even as polls show that enthusiasm for President Joe Biden is lacking.

The fundraiser is expected to take place in March or April, although no final date has been set as organizers attempt to coordinate respective schedules of Biden, Obama, and Clinton.

Meanwhile, NBC News reported last month that Mrs. Clinton managed to take in over $1 million dollars on Biden's behalf at a Washington, D.C. fundraiser in November.

The news network also noted that sources within the Biden campaign say the former secretary of state is being brought onboard as "key player."

Democratic strategist: Biden needs all the help he can get

An unnamed Democratic strategist was quoted as saying, "At the end of the day, Biden needs all the help that he can get. What he needs is both the spirit and the actual reality of unity."

Further, NBC News pointed out how "Clinton is popular with women and key parts of the Democratic base and remains a fundraising draw who can help ensure Biden has the money to get his message out."

Still, some critics have pointed out that the failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee could end up being a hindrance for Biden rather than a help.

Fox News host skeptical about Mrs. Clinton's effectiveness

"I think Joe Biden's going to need more than a[n] 'I'm with her T-shirt' with all of his political problems," Fox News host Charlie Hurt said in December.

"But, you know you are in deep, deep trouble if you are picking up the bat phone and calling Hillary Clinton to come help you out," he continued.

"And I think it was sort of interesting that their thinking is that he needs help among women voters," the television host went on to argue.

"If you need help among women voters, and you're a Democrat, and you're running against Donald Trump, you should just quit because it's over," Hurt concluded.

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