Report: Jill Biden and White House staff have worked to hide president's mental state

 February 10, 2024

New questions about President Joe Biden's mental state arose this week following the release of a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur on Thursday.

It was followed by a New York Post article that detailed how First Lady Jill Biden and White House staff have helped to hide the president's cognitive decline.

Mrs. Biden often seen guiding the president around journalists

The piece noted how Biden has held fewer formal press conferences than any modern commander-in-chief, meaning that most of his interactions with journalists come as he is walking across the White House South Lawn.

While reporters find it relatively easy "to bait" the president "with shouted questions" when he is by himself, he remains quiet when accompanied by the first lady, who typically holds his hand.

The newspaper also explained that even when Biden has held press conferences, his wife has been present but seated outside of camera view.

New York Times correspondent Katie Rogers has written a book on recent first ladies which is set to be released later this month, and the Post pointed to an excerpt in which Rogers said that Mrs. Biden expressed frustration over how her husband was being handled.

"Why didn't anyone stop that?"

"Why didn’t anyone stop that?" Mrs. Biden was quoted as saying to staff following a January press conference in which the president spoke for nearly two hours and repeatedly made factual errors.

"Everyone stayed silent, looking at one another, and then at her, and back to one another. That included the most powerful man in the world," Rogers wrote.

"Her husband essentially played along, not offering an answer, even though aides had slipped him a card suggesting he end the press conference," the author added.

What's more, Mrs. Biden was spotted taking her husband by the hand and leading him offstage at an event last month after he began walking in the wrong direction.

Special counsel alleges that Biden could not remember major events

According to Fox News, Hur's report stated that the decision not to prosecute Biden for mishandling classified documents partly stemmed from his reduced mental prowess.

"In his interview with our office, Mr. Biden's memory was worse. He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died," the report explained.

"And his memory appeared hazy when describing the Afghanistan debate that was once so important to him," Hur continued.

The special counsel went on to allege that Biden could not recall when his tenure as vice president started or came to an end.

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