Report: Many White House staffers refer to Trump as "Hitler Pig"

 April 19, 2024

The Washington Post reported last month that President Joe Biden's reelection hopes depend in large part on the hate that many of his supporters have for former President Donald Trump.

However, newly leaked information suggests that those feelings of contempt are widespread within the White House itself.

Report: White House staff refer to Trump as "Hitler Pig"

According to an article published by Politico on Wednesday, four people said to be close with the president said Trump is frequently referred to as "Hitler Pig."

Politico noted that Brian Hughes is a senior Trump campaign adviser, and he suggested that the Biden administration is tainted with hypocrisy.

"Joe Biden talks a lot about decency, but he and his staff don't have a decent bone in their bodies," Politico quoted Hughes as saying.

"These ridiculous and gross comments reflect the failure and dishonesty of the entire Biden operation," the campaign adviser went on to assert.

Vivek Ramaswamy: Biden pledged to "turn down the temperature"

Also voicing criticism was former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who addressed the "Hitler Pig" moniker during an interview with Fox News.

"The people of this country are seeing through Biden's hypocrisy," Ramaswamy told the network. "On one hand, he campaigned on bringing decency to politics."

"On the other hand, his people are now invoking Hitler to compare Donald Trump to him. He said he was going to turn down the temperature in American politics," Ramaswamy continued.

"Yet now we see the Democratic Party effectively leading multiple prosecutions against the lead opponent in the middle of an election. So I think we're seeing through that hypocrisy," he asserted.

Biden calls Trump a "sick f--k" behind closed doors

As Breitbart pointed out, this is not the first time Trump has been the focus on extreme rhetoric, as Politico reported in February that Biden often uses profanity when speaking of his predecessor behind closed doors.

"The president has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a 'sick fuck' who delights in others' misfortunes, according to three people who have heard the president use the profane description," the publication stated.

"According to one of the people who has spoken with the president, Biden recently said of Trump: 'What a fucking asshole the guy is,'" Politico added.

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