Report: Non-profit established by Gavin Newsom's wife benefits from state funding

 February 14, 2023

California Gov. Gavin Newson is considered to be one of the country's most high-profile Democrats, with some suggesting that he could have presidential ambitions.

Yet a potential scandal may be brewing for the liberal star amid allegations that his wife helped drive state money towards her non-profit. 

Siebel Newsom's non-profit benefited from increased government funding

Fox News reported this week that Siebel Newsom was a "driving force" in advocating for $4.7 billion worth of mental health funding.

While some of the money is earmarked for hiring 10,000 school counselors, Fox News noted that it "will also create greater demand" for the services of Mrs. Newsom's non-profit, known as The Representation Project.

The organization licenses "gender justice" material, which has generated around $1.5 million in fee revenue from various states since 2012.

However, California has apparently provided a bonanza for The Representation Project, something California Association of School Counselors director Loretta Whitson alluded to when speaking with EdSource this past November.

Non-profit's films promoted Gov. Newsom

"While the governor's recent investment will add additional school counselors to the workforce, there will be an even greater need to access films and curriculum support material such as Siebel Newsom's documentary series," Whitson told the website, adding, "(We) would love to work with her and support her efforts."

According to Fox News, several of The Representation Project's films promote Gov. Newsom, telling students that they should encourage their friends to back politicians who favor a "care economy" that "embraces universal human values."

The governor also created The Office of the First Partner in 2019, which Fox News says allows Siebel Newsom to "promote her policy agenda with the help of taxpayer funds."

Those facts haven't sat well with critics, including Adam Andrzejewski, who founded a public accountability group called Open The Books.

Watchdog group points to "closed-loop system" helping the Newsoms

"The Newsoms might consider their legalized pay-to-play scheme a virtuous circle," Andrzejewski told Fox News. His organization has investigated Siebel Newsom's nonprofit and provided its findings to Fox News.

"In fact, it's a model of endless mutual benefit for the friends and members of Newsom, Inc. – that's paid for by taxpayers. It's a closed-loop system. The Newsoms create the problems, 'solve' them, and cash checks along the way," Andrzejewski complained.

"Our investigation illustrates the power Siebel Newsom has to both lay the groundwork for her social and political agenda in classrooms and then put on her hat as first partner to advocate and implement hard policy changes," he explained.

"As wins stack up for the governor to tout, so, too, do they stack up for Siebel Newsom's nonprofit, her production house and even special interest groups like the California Association of School Counselors."

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