Report: Reddit regularly censors conservative users

 January 7, 2023

Twitter has been in the spotlight recently after new company owner Elon Musk released documents showing that the platform regularly silenced conservative voices.

However, a new report suggests that Twitter is not the only social media site where conservatives have been silenced. 

The inflation comment resulted in the user being banned

According to The Free Press, conservative Reddit users on the r/florida subreddit regularly find themselves being banned despite not violating the platform's posted rules.

That fact was revealed by a poll carried out in an alternative subreddit called r/TheSunshineState, which bills itself as being a place where users can "contribute any interesting or controversial Florida content without fear of permaban."

Sixty-six people participated in the survey, with 49 saying that they had some interaction with the r/florida subreddit.

Of that number, 23 said they had been permanently banned from r/florida while another 26 indicated they had not. However, most of the 26 admitted that they rarely or never made posts there.

A screenshot showed that one individual found herself being banned for arguing that an increase in money supply leads to inflation.

When the user asked what criteria Reddit's automated system uses to flag comments for consideration, she was told that the "information is classified." Meanwhile, another user discovered that his account had been banned after he posted advice on how to handle bear attacks.

"Another friendly reminder to Floridians regarding bears," the user wrote. "If it's brown, lay down. If it's black, fight back. If it's white, goodnight."

Moderators have "a comment history revealing their support for Biden"

That statement is consistent with instructions provided by the National Parks Service on its official website regarding aggressive bear encounters.

"If a black bear charges and attacks you, FIGHT BACK WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE! Do not play dead. Direct punches and kicks at the bear’s face, and use any weapon like rocks, branches, or bear spray to defend yourself," it explains.

"If a grizzly/brown bear charges and attacks you, PLAY DEAD. Do not fight back! Cover your head and neck with your hands and arms," the website adds.

Nevertheless, the user was not only banned but muted by the moderators so that he was unable to send messages questioning the reason for his removal.

The Free Press noted how "r/florida moderators have a lot in common with each other," including "a comment history revealing their support for Biden, and the agenda of the Democratic Party is pushing."

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