Report says Jill Biden is helping to select new NATO chief

 May 21, 2023

Critics have long highlighted evidence of President Joe Biden's declining mental state, leading some to ask who is really calling the shots in his administration.

However, one commentator recently suggested that when it comes to America's relationship with NATO, the person in charge is First Lady Jill Biden. 

Sources say Jill Biden wants a woman to head NATO

The Spectator's gossip columnist writes under the name Steerpike, and he suggested in an article published on Saturday that Jill Biden is maneuvering to have a woman as NATO's next head.

According to him, the first lady "thinks a senior female figure from one of the Baltic states, which believe that if Ukraine falls they will be at war next, would fit the bill.

The columnist noted that he "can’t help wondering why Dr. Biden — an intellectually underwhelming academic with a Ph.D. in educational leadership — might think she has insight into western security, especially at a time when NATO is doing almost everything possible to stop Russia in Ukraine."

"But woke is woke and there’s never been a woman NATO secretary general. For Team Biden, the enemy is the patriarchy as much as Putin," Steerpike insisted.

Fox News contributor compares Joe Biden to stroke victim Woodrow Wilson

He went on to cite unnamed sources as saying that Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas may be the first lady's preferred choice.

"She’s at the hawkish end of the spectrum (arguably she marks the end of that spectrum) and comes as close as she dares to accuse Emmanuel Macron of being a Putin apologist," Steerpike wrote.

Steerpike isn't alone in suspecting the first lady of being a behind-the-scenes powerhouse at the White House, as Fox News contributor Liz Peeke voiced a similar theory in an op-ed piece this past February.

As precedent, she pointed to the stroke-crippled President Woodrow Wilson, writing, "Edith Wilson ran the country until the end of her husband’s term in March 1921."

Peeke believes it is "unlikely" Jill Biden would hold the sort of power that her early 20th-century predecessor once did.

Former GOP congressman: "Nobody elected her"

"However, it is entirely possible that if Joe Biden’s decline accelerates, Dr. Jill might play an ever-grander role in the affairs of our country," she acknowledged before adding, "Indeed, it appears she already is."

Peeke noted that the situation has left many of the president's critics troubled, including former Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins.

"This has really gotten concerning because nobody, frankly in all fairness to the first lady, nobody elected her to answer questions for the president on issues that the press may have questioned," Peeke quoted Collins as telling Fox News.

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