Report shows many former intelligence officials work in Big Tech

 December 25, 2022

Former FBI general counsel James Baker received significant coverage earlier after he was fired from Twitter earlier this month over his role in suppressing coverage of Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop.

However, Baker was far from being the only former intelligence official to work in social media, with a new report showing that such figures were far more common than most people realized. 

Former government employees

A Breitbart article published on Friday cited research by the Daily Mail and Mint Press which listed a number of such individuals who are employed by big tech firms.

Among them is Aaron Berman, who for nearly seventeen years served as a CIA senior analytic manager, a role which involved preparing and editing the president's daily intelligence briefing. Berman has since become senior policy manager for "misinformation" at Meta, Facebook's parent company.

Also working at Meta is former CIA intelligence officer Bryan Weisbard. He is the company's director of "trust, safety, security and data privacy."

Weisbard's LinkedIn profile indicates that his time at the CIA revolved around identifying "online social media information propaganda and covert influence campaigns."

Trust and safety

Then there is former FBI special supervisory agent Emily Vacher, who operates as Facebook's director of trust and safety.

Meanwhile, former director for intelligence at the National Security Council Daniel Aragnovich presently heads up Facebook's division of "global threat disruption."

Matthew Williams became Twitter's "senior director of public trust, revenue policy, counsel systems and analytics" after having been an FBI intelligence program manager.

Jacqueline Lopour spent a decade with the CIA working as a "go-to writer" for presidential briefings and now acts as Google's senior intelligence collection and trust and safety manager.

Nick Rossman worked as an analyst for both the FBI and CIA prior to becoming a senior manager of trust and safety at Google.

FBI "primed" Twitter executive to reject laptop story

Jeff Lazarus went from being an economic and political analyst at the CIA to joining Google’s trust and safety department. He then went on to take a position with Meta’s "strategic response" unit.

These revelations come in the wake of a report from Michael Shellenberger, who noted that in 2020 the FBI and other federal agencies "primed" Twitter executive Yoel Roth to dismiss stories about Hunter Biden's laptop as being Russian disinformation.

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