Report suggests Joe Biden's formal campaign announcement may not come for months

 April 8, 2023

Fox News reported in February that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had confirmed President Joe Biden's intention to seek another term in office next year.

The president himself has yet to formally announce his candidacy, however, and one columnist recently suggested that it may not come any time soon. 

Announcement date repeatedly pushed back

People magazine contributor Kirsty Hatcher noted in an article published on Friday that many expected the president to make a declaration around Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

When no announcement came, CBS News cited sources as saying Biden would officially throw his hat into the ring "not long after" his February 7 State of the Union address.

This was then followed by speculation that the president would make a move at the start of April, which came and went over a week ago.

Last week, the Associated Press cited White House sources as saying any announcement won't come until after Biden returns from an upcoming visit to Ireland.

Declaration may not come until the fall

Meanwhile, Axios pointed to "advisers and close allies" who indicated that Biden's formal candidacy may not come until July or even sometime in the autumn.

Washington Democratic strategist Brad Bannon told Associated Press service that Biden has "earned the luxury of making the timetable."

"The longer he can keep this thing focused on his duties in the White House, and less about the campaign back-and-forth, the better off he’s going to be," Bannon went on to add.

Biden's decision to postpone his campaign's kick-off hasn't prevented other Democrats from jumping in the race, something Robert Kennedy Jr. demonstrated this past week.

Kennedy pledges "to end the toxic polarization"

"Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has spent his life fighting for American democracy and the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution," a statement posted to Kennedy's website declared.

"He has battled against corporate greed and government corruption to protect our children, our health, our livelihoods, our environment, and above all, our freedom," it continued.

"With integrity, courage, and self-sacrifice, he has led Americans in an ennobling fight to restore our country as an exemplary nation, and to end the toxic polarization that divides us and enriches the elites," the website insisted.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
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