Report suggests Trump could tap Tim Scott for VP spot

 May 14, 2024

As this year's election approaches, there is growing speculation over who former President Donald Trump will put forward as his running mate.

While a number of names have been looked at by pundits, The Hill reported this week that South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott could be at the top of Trump's list. 

Scott to speak at major fundraising event

In an article published on Monday, the website stressed that Scott is scheduled to speak at a major fundraising event to be held in Washington D.C. next month.

The South Carolina senator, who serves as ranking member on the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, will appear alongside a slew of deep-pocketed donors.

They include CrownQuest Operating LLC co-founder Tim Dunn, billionaire investor Bill Ackman, Citadel CEO Ken Griffin, and Apollo Global Management CEO Mark Marc Rowan.

The latter is known to have ties with Trump's son-in-law and former White House adviser Jared Kushner. Meanwhile, former Trump advisor and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is also scheduled to speak.

According to The Hill, Scott's presence highlights his connections with well-heeled donors, including ones who previously supported former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Senator denies speaking with Trump about VP spot

However, The Hill pointed out how Scott has been tight-lipped regarding his thoughts on whether Trump will ask him to join the ticket.

That fact was evident when Scott was asked about the subject earlier this month during an appearance on NBC's  "Meet the Press."

Although Kristen Welker noted that the Republican lawmaker had recently met with Trump as well as major GOP donors at a private Mar-a-Lago event, Scott denied that the prospect of serving as vice president came up.

"I hope that the president will choose a person who helps the country unite and heal," Scott was quoted as telling Welker.

Scott slams Biden's tolerance of antisemitism

"I certainly expect to have a decision from President Trump in the next 60 days or so, but he did not bring it up. I certainly didn’t bring it up."

Interestingly, the South Carolina senator was far more candid with Welker when it came to attacking President Joe Biden for being soft on antisemitism.

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