White House spox tells reporters on Air Force One that Biden won't pardon son Hunter after tax-related indictment

 December 10, 2023

Hunter Biden was criminally indicted again on Thursday by Special Counsel David Weiss, this time over multiple alleged tax law violations that occurred over several years.

On Friday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre informed reporters that President Joe Biden had no plans to issue a pardon for his legally troubled son, according to Mediaite.

A grant of executive clemency could be crucial if the president's son is to remain a free man, as he faces the prospect of several decades in federal prison if convicted of all of the tax charges as well as the federal firearm charges pressed by the special counsel in a previous criminal indictment.

White House responds to new Hunter Biden indictment

President Biden traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday and, according to Mediaite, reporters tried unsuccessfully to elicit a response from the president about the latest indictment of his son before Biden boarded Air Force One.

However, a reporter was able to raise that topic a short time later during a "press gaggle" with press secretary Jean-Pierre while Air Force One was en route to Nevada.

First asked for the president's reaction to the news of his son's tax-related indictment, Jean-Pierre simply reiterated the canned response delivered by the White House following the prior indictment on federal gun charges, and said, "Look, I mean, the President has said this before, and he will continue to say, which is that he loves his son and supports him as he continues to rebuild his life."

"I’m going to be really careful and not comment on this and refer you to Department of Justice or my colleagues at the White House Counsel," she added. "But that’s what I’m going to -- I’m not going to go beyond tell- -- telling you all what the President has said over and over again. He’s proud of his son, and he is proud of him -- proud of him building his life back up."

White House reiterates president will "not pardon his son"

Pressed on the matter, Jean-Pierre refused to address the specific charges nor would she divulge any details on any private conversations between the president and his son about the topic at hand.

The reporter finally asked, "Only because you’ve said it before, I just want to re-up in -- in light of these new charges. You’ve said before that the President would not pardon his son. Is that still the case?"

The press secretary replied, "Nothing has changed. That is still the case."

Hunter potentially faces decades in prison on tax and gun charges

In a Thursday press release, Special Counsel Weiss announced that a California grand jury returned a nine-count tax-related indictment that criminally charged Hunter Biden with three felonies, including filing false tax returns and tax evasion, and six misdemeanors for failure to file returns and failure to pay what was due with the IRS.

Those charges cover "a four-year scheme in which he chose not to pay at least $1.4 million in self-assessed federal taxes he owed for tax years 2016 through 2019 and to evade the assessment of taxes for tax year 2018 when he filed false returns."

According to Breitbart, Hunter Biden could face up to 17 years in prison if convicted and given maximum sentences on all charges, which when combined with the potential 25 years in prison he faces on the federal gun charges -- he allegedly lied about his drug use on a federal gun purchase form in 2018 -- could result in a combined total of up to 42 years in prison.

It is noteworthy that Weiss included in his announcement that his years-long investigation of Hunter Biden remains "ongoing," which has led to speculation that the president's son could also face charges for violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act with his dubious foreign business dealings and alleged influence-peddling, which could result in potentially many additional years behind bars if convicted.

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