Reporters reportedly booted from Haley campaign events over infidelity questions

 January 20, 2024

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley might be enjoying increased support from the anti-Trump crowd, but she has some serious issues brewing within her campaign. 

According to the Daily Mail, it doesn't appear as if Haley is fond of addressing reports regarding alleged infidelity in her marriage during her 2010 South Carolina gubernatorial campaign.

The outlet reported the story on Friday, and in the wake of the report, the Daily Mail noted that they'd been banned from future Haley campaign events, along with another reporter who was apparently booted from an event after asking a question about the touchy subject.

Haley's campaign was reportedly provided 24 hours to comment on the story before it was published, which it failed to do.

What's happening?

The allegations include two instances of accusations of Haley cheating on her husband at the time.

The Daily Mail noted:

The ejections came after published a story Friday morning exclusively reporting allegations that Haley falsely denied cheating on her husband when she was accused of engaging in two extramarital affairs during her 2010 South Carolina gubernatorial campaign.

A columnist from The Spectator, who goes by "Cockburn," reportedly asked the Haley campaign about the Daily Mail report, which he said resulted in being ejected from a recent campaign event.

The columnist said he decided to ask about the allegations at a New Hampshire campaign event after seeing the Daily Mail's report from Friday morning.

"Naturally Cockburn was curious about whether Haley or her team had seen the story or had a response. He asked a young male staffer who was part of her entourage — who said he hadn’t," the report said.

Not long after, according to the columnist, another young staffer approached him and asked which outlet he was with. Upon providing his credentials, Cockburn was reported asked to immediately leave.

Another ejection

While it's one thing to kick a British tabloid columnist from an event, the Daily Mail noted that one of their reporters and a photographer were recently ejected from "Haley's Friday morning event at Mary Ann's Diner, a public restaurant where the former South Carolina governor was talking to voters."

Haley spokeswoman Chaney Denton reportedly told them, "Daily Mail is not credentialed for any more events. I'm politely asking you to leave."

The Daily Mail confirmed that the ban is for all future events and when asking for a reason why, the outlet was reportedly told it was for "printing lies."

While it's understandable to some degree that a liberal media outlet would be booted, the drawback is that the campaign's refusal to address the report raises more questions and draws additional interest. Only time will tell how the Haley campaign ultimately handles the delicate subject.

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