Multiple reports indicate Biden could formally launch 2024 campaign next week

 April 21, 2023

A flurry of media reports on Thursday indicated that President Joe Biden may finally formally launch his anticipated 2024 re-election campaign as soon as next week, according to The Hill.

Those reports follow months of rumors and speculation about when, or even if, the president would make an official announcement about his plan to seek a second term in the White House, though Biden himself has repeatedly hinted over that same span that he fully intended to run for another four years in office as president.

Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday

The Washington Post was the first to report on Thursday that, according to three unnamed individuals who'd been "briefed on the matter," President Biden's team planned to announce his 2024 re-election campaign with a video release next week.

Tuesday was said to be the target date for the announcement, as that date would mark exactly four years since 2019 when Biden formally launched the campaign for his first term in office.

That report was seemingly confirmed by the Associated Press, which also cited three anonymous sources as stating that the Biden 2024 campaign would be officially launched on Tuesday, April 25, with a special video announcement.

However, both the AP and The Post noted that the sources cautioned that a final decision on timing had not yet been made and the formal announcement could potentially be further delayed to an unspecified later date.

That said, both outlets also noted that the White House has scheduled a summit for next weekend with potentially as many as 100 top Democratic donors and bundlers for a Friday night dinner with President Biden and a strategy session with his team on Saturday, which would neatly coincide with a presumptive campaign launch days earlier.

Planning and preparations well underway

The report from The Post included some details about the preparations being made for President Biden's presumptive re-election run, including a staff of campaign veterans being assembled by his top advisers and research undertaken by the Democratic National Committee to "study the election landscape" ahead of 2024.

Planning is also reportedly underway for an "aggressive" social media campaign in support of Biden -- including on platforms like WhatsApp that specifically prohibit political advertising -- as well as for a "national advisory board" of Democratic elected officials who will campaign on behalf of Biden's re-election.

Plans are also being made for fundraising events and advertising that will most likely heavily feature the president's purported accomplishments during his first term with an underlying theme that he needs to be re-elected to "finish the job" begun in 2021.

A re-election campaign won't be easy

USA Today also reported that it had similarly confirmed through anonymous sources that President Biden could formally launch his 2024 re-election as soon as Tuesday of next week.

Yet, the outlet noted that Biden's campaign faces some headwinds in the form of his consistently low job approval ratings and numerous polls that show a sizeable portion of Democrats, in some cases even a majority, would prefer somebody other than Biden to be the party's nominee in the next election cycle.

There are also serious and legitimate concerns about his octogenarian age -- to say nothing of his physical health and mental acuity -- not to mention that he is not running entirely unopposed, but rather is facing a primary challenge from declared Democratic candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson.

Whether these anonymously-sourced reports are accurate about a campaign launch next week, or whether the launch is further delayed until the summer or even fall months for a variety of reasons, is something that remains to be seen.

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