Reports Indicate Trump Has Made His Decision For Fall 2024

 April 23, 2024

There are many questions out there floating around about the Trump family.

Who is Donald's running mate going to be in 2024?

Another question is,

How is the marriage between Donald and Melania going as Donald's affairs get publicly picked apart?

Another question is,

How is Barron Trump handling all this and where's he going to college in the fall?

As if the Trump family didn't have enough to deal with already, Barron Trump's education has suddenly become one of the hottest topics in America.

That's because, when the decision was recently made that Donald Trump might have to skip Barron Trump's high school graduation ceremony, about a million parents in America sat up and finally realized that this has become about a lot more than politics.

Liberals assert that they care about America and the Americans inside of it, but when they had the opportunity to make sure that a father could be there for one of the most important days of his son's life, they completely dropped the ball.

Barron Trump certainly lives a life that is very advantageous compared to ours most of the time.

His family is fabulously wealthy, his mother is a supermodel, his father was the president, and Barron is tall and handsome.

But just because Barron has those things going for him, doesn't mean that his life is necessarily easier and better than ours.

High school's hard enough.

Hard enough to where you probably don't need your father's criminal trial hanging over you for your last few months of your education, but that's exactly what a young Barron Trump is being put through.

Still, Barron knows that the world keeps on moving though, and his life will go on as well, regardless of what is decided with his father.

Reports indicate that Barron Trump would like to attend New York University in the fall, proving that at least in some ways, Barron Trump does face challenges.

College admission is stressful for thousands and thousands of kids every year!

This year, it's Barron's turn.

His father's criminal trials just mean Barron's living his life a little bit more publicly than we did when we were making those decisions.

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