Representative Banks Says Mike Johnson Handed 'Speaker's Gavel To Democrats'

 April 21, 2024

Some of America's top Republican Representatives are banding together in an effort to publicly criticize Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson for being too Democrat-friendly.

Names like Jim Banks of Indiana, Byron Donalds of Florida, and Chip Roy of Texas have already spoken out.

Donalds and Roy are all fired up that Speaker Johnson violated the Hastert rule with the $60 BILLION Ukraine aid bill that passed on Saturday without a majority of Republican support.

The Hastert rule directs that a Republican speaker will only put legislation up for a floor vote if a majority of the GOP conference supports it.

When it was conceived, the intention of the rule was to prevent a Republican Speaker from colluding with Democrats in order to benefit himself.

While 101 Republicans did vote for the bill, a whopping 112 Republicans rejected the idea of advancing it to the Senate.

The Hastert rule says that the bill should have died at that moment.

Johnson definitely broke the Hastert rule weeks after passing a $1.2 TRILLION government funding plan that most of his conference had rejected.

Byron Donalds said that "It shouldn’t even be this way because there was a time and opportunity to put different packages together, and that time wasn’t taken. We got to do better and get this thing back together."

Chip Roy also have his thoughts on the violation:

"Well, I mean, if that’s true—I’m taking you all at the word that that’s true—then that’s a massive problem, Roy said. "And it was fairly predictable, although I knew it was going to be close. And it’s like the omni[bus] a few weeks ago; it’s just not the right direction."

Indiana Republican Jim Banks was just as upset as the other two:

"Mike Johnson has handed the speaker’s gavel over to the Democrats and said here, you guys take control. I mean, that’s there’s no other explanation for it. As you said, it was one thing when the Democrats carried the rule out of the rules committee, but there were more Democrats who voted for the rule on the floor of the House than the Republicans because I think 55 of us on the Republican side, roughly 25 percent of us in the House in the Republican Conference voted against the rule because we know this is betraying the voters who gave us the majority to begin with."

"And then our Republican Speaker does exactly the opposite of that. I mean, I’m beside myself. I can’t believe he did it. I don’t have a good explanation for why he did it. But the fact of the matter is, he’s turned the majority over to the Democrats and at this point I don’t know the difference between Nancy Pelosi and Speaker Mike Johnson. I mean, nothing, nothing that this guy has done is any better than what Nancy Pelosi did. So it’s deeply disappointing," the Republican concluded.

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