Republican Byron Donalds withdraws support from McCarthy, called "a prop" by Cori Bush

 January 5, 2023

Rep. Kevin McCarthy continues to face an uphill battle in his quest for the House gavel, with the California Republican losing his eighth speaker's vote on Thursday afternoon.

That struggle got harder earlier this week after one of McCarthy's former supporters opted to switch sides.

Donalds withdrew support from McCarthy after voting for him twice

As Just the News reported, Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds withdrew his backing of McCarthy on Tuesday after having supported him on two previous votes.

Instead, Donalds cast his vote for Rep. Jim Jordan on the third speaker's voting, giving the Ohio congressman 20 votes compared with 202 for McCarthy.

However, Jordan has made clear that he is not interested in the speakership and is instead looking forward to chairing the House Judiciary Committee.

According to Fox News, Jordan actually nominated McCarthy for speaker on Tuesday's second vote and tried to rally support for him.

During a speech from the House floor,  Jordan acknowledged that he and McCarthy "haven’t always agreed on everything" but added that their disagreements "pale in comparison to the differences between us and the left."

"We owe it to them, the American people, the good people of this great country to step forward, to come together, get a speaker elected so we can address these three things," Jordan insisted.

Donalds called "a prop" who supports "white supremacy"

Meanwhile, Donalds was himself nominated for speaker the following day by Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy, who continued to nominate Donalds on subsequent votes.

Fox News reported that this led Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush to accuse Donalds, who is black, of being "a prop" and supporting "white supremacy."

For his part, Donalds responded to Bush's remarks during an interview on Thursday with Fox Business host Stuart Varney, saying, "I thought it was blatantly outrageous."

"I feel bad that she really put that out there," Donalds told Varney, adding, "If you see a Black man rise, let the man rise even if you don't agree with them."

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