Republican challenger slams Barron Trump during interview

 March 15, 2024

Brandon Herrera, a Republican YouTuber, has already advanced to the run-off primary against Representative Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) by portraying Gonzales as being too far to the right.

However, it appears like Herrera may have a problem on his right when it comes to the most crucial barometer of conservatism among Republicans in the present day, which is support for Donald Trump, as Yahoo News reported.

The Republican challenger can be seen in a video of his podcast from February 10 saying that he does not believe that Trump will be able to win the general election.

Controversial Comments

What is more controversial is the fact that Herrera joins his co-hosts in ridiculing Barron Trump, the son of the former president, who is 17 years old and has been off-limits for most politicians.

In the conversation, one of the co-hosts describes Barron as a "long ventriloquist-like dummy," as having the appearance of a "slenderman," and as the new "cryptid," which is a creature that, similar to Bigfoot, only appears in a questionable manner.

In response, Herrara makes a mocking voice resembling Barron Trump and says that he is "starting to become a meme." He also states that Barron Trump is "like nine feet tall."

“Daddy is coming, Daddy is angry,” Herrera says in an imitating voice.

Herrera's campaign didn't immediately respond to requests for comment, but after this story posted, Herrera replied to a tweet from this reporter linking to the story.

With one user saying, "He's just a child," of the former president's youngest son.

Another chimed in with, "Bruh, this is tasteless and even reads like they're riffing. Next time be less obvious."

The sources further mentioned that Herrera also stated on a different podcast, which was the Wake Up America Show with Austin Peterson on August 23, 2023, that he is uncertain about whether or not Trump is capable of winning a general election.

Herrera expressed his uncertainty by saying, "I just don't know if he can carry the actual election."

Herrera stated, “If I had to predict, I think Trump will win the primary by a landslide and lose the general,” Herrera said. “Eight more years of winter, or four more years of winter rather.”

In addition, Herrera stated that he "really enjoyed Trump's presidency," but that the previous president "messed up a lot of stuff," referring to his policy of "guns and things."

Herrera's campaign did not immediately reply to demands for comment; but, after this article was published, Herrera responded to a tweet from this reporter that linked to the story.

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