Republican congressman says Special Counsel Jack Smith's "days are numbered"

 December 2, 2023

Newsweek reported late last month that Special Counsel Jack Smith sent out a subpoena for information on Trump's Twitter followers.

While that news caused outrage, one congressman diagnosed Smith's decision as a desperate move and argued that the special counsel wouldn't be around for much longer.

"His days are numbered"

According to the Daily Beast, Louisiana Republican Rep. Clay Higgins slammed Smith during an appearance on Newsmax, stating, "I consider it a badge of honor to be on another one of Jack Smith’s lists,"

"So, I’ll just say that his days are numbered, and American patriots are not going to stand idly by, good sir, and allow our republic to dissolve," the Republican lawmaker declared.

"We are prepared to fight legally and peacefully and within the parameters of the Constitution with every ounce of our might and focus," he went on to add.

Matt Gaetz seeks to defund Smith's investigation

Higgins is not the only member of Congress to talk about ending Smith's investigation, as Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has introduced a bill to defund it.

"They are attacking our democracy and engaging in election interference right now," Fox News quoted Gaetz as saying.

"The United States Congress has the capability to stop this election interference, and we must act immediately!" he insisted.

Higgins says hundreds of federal agents were present on January 6

In addition to discussing Smith, Higgins also used his time on Newsmax to address footage of the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill which was released by House Speaker Mike Johnson.

In particular, Higgins talked about newly emerged video evidence that law enforcement agents went undercover as rioters.

"The FBI was not only involved in the actions on January 6 from within, they had, I suspect, over 200 agents embedded within the crowd including agents, or as they would call human assets inside the Capitol dressed as Trump supporters before the doors were opened," he said.

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