Republican Recommends Firing Top 2020 Election Official

September 12, 2023

There were a few states that had more questions than others during the 2020 presidential election.

On the shortlist are Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Trump's team thinks something went fishy in all of them.

Now, the top election official in at least one of them could be facing some serious consequences as a result.

A Republican-led state committee in Wisconsin has officially recommended that top election official Meagan Wolfe be removed.

The state's Senate will vote on the issue later this week.

Wolfe has been adamantly defending Wisconsin's election process recently, but many Republicans simply don't want to have to deal with any questions this time around.

Americans should have a clear idea of who won the presidential election shortly after it is held.

Anything less than that is unfair to the great voters in this fine country.

Wolfe didn't see any problems with the things Wisconsin's election process is being accused of:

"I believe it is fair to say that no election in Wisconsin history has been as scrutinized, reviewed, investigated and reinvestigated as much as the November 2020 general election. The outcome of all those 2020 probes produced essentially the same results: the identification of a relatively small number of suggestions for procedural improvements, with no findings of wrongdoing or significant fraud. Election officials cannot carry the burden of educating the public on elections alone, we need the assistance of people in power, like yourselves, to help us show how Wisconsin elections administration is strong, fair, and accurate."

It's the most widely scrutinized election of our lifetime because it was the most irregular election of our lifetime.

America went to bed on election night listening to Donald Trump tell America that he had won reelection.

When we woke up, we discovered that thousands and thousands and thousands of votes for Joe Biden had been discovered in the middle of the night.

Strangely, this seemed to happen in areas where Donald Trump was overperforming.

Was that a coincidence?

Well, Trump's team obviously didn't think so.

Trump and his team were pretty sure that liberals cheated to win. Donald told America that more than once.

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Thomas Jefferson
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