Republican senator says GOP shouldn't be 're-litigating' January 6

March 13, 2023

The January 6 riot on Capitol Hill made headlines again last week after security footage was released which cast doubt on how the event has been portrayed.

However, while many conservatives feel the issue needs to be revisited, one Republican lawmaker recently said the party has other things to worry about.

According to Real Clear Politics, North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer made that claim during a Sunday appearance on  NBC's "Meet the Press."

"Unfair to put them all in the same bucket"

Cramer told host Chuck Todd that "a four-hour stroll through the Capitol that’s marred by a half hour of rioting doesn’t make it a peaceful protest."

"That’s not to say that the vast majority of them don’t have regret, or they didn’t understand the severity of what they were doing or the severity of what some other people were doing," Cramer acknowledged.

"I do think it’s unfair to put them all in the same bucket," he continued, adding, "I’ve never felt like democracy is actually in trouble. We survived a civil war, we’re going to survive this as well."

"What frustrates me as much as anything, Chuck, is that we’re talking about it again," the North Dakota senator complained.

Republicans should be talking about border, China, inflation

"We should be talking about the Southern border, as you were discussing earlier," he stated. "We should be talking about China and the challenge it possesses, and talking about inflation and a budget that drives up deficits forever."

Cramer called those "winning arguments for Republicans" while insisting that "re-litigating" the events of  January 6 is not.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently aired footage from January 6 on his show after it was provided to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Many of the images feature Navy veteran Jacob Chansley, who was sentenced to nearly four years behind bars. Despite his outlandish dress, Chansley was shown to be calmly interacting with police, some of whom attempted to open doors for him.

Meanwhile, The Hill reported last week that Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is attempting to organize a visit with January 6 defendants at the D.C. jail. There have been complaints about conditions at the facility, with one defendant allegedly being denied cancer treatment.

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