Republicans Accuses Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries of Bigotry

 April 21, 2023

The campaign arm of the House Republicans has called the Democratic leader of the House minority, Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), a "bigot" and has questioned why Democrats in the lower chamber are not demanding an apology from him.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) commercial criticizes the House Democrats for being led by a "bigot" after it was discovered that their leader had praised his antisemitic uncle and Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan in a college editorial.

This was discovered when the NRCC uncovered the opinion, according to Breitbart News.

Republican Ad

“Calling Judaism a dirty religion, praising Adolf Hitler. You wouldn’t support or defend antisemitic remarks, but Hakeem Jeffries did. And he lied about it for years. Jeffries even called black conservatives ‘house negroes,’ the ad narrator stated.

“There is a bigot leading House Democrats in Congress, and his name is Hakeem Jeffries,” the narrator noted before asking, “Why won’t House Democrats demand their leader apologize for his shameful beliefs?”

Just prior to the conclusion of the commercial, the following question appears on the screen: “Are the House Democrats silent because they agree?”

How the Racism was Uncovered

A piece that Jeffries wrote in college defending Louis Farrakhan and his uncle Leonard Jeffries, a black studies professor who was fired for antisemitic statements, was made public by CNN last week.

According to the author, the two were unfairly singled out by "white media" for questioning "the pervasive revision of history.

It was also stated that Jeffries invited his uncle to speak on campus while attending Binghamton University and serving on the Black Student Union executive board after he made offensive remarks in the early 1990s about Jewish executives in the film industry and about "rich Jews" being involved in the African slave trade.

The minority leader's editorial continued by calling "black conservatives" a "phenomenon," labeling them as "token Blacks" and "right-wing opportunists" who have bought into "the idea of the American dream," in addition to drawing comparisons between them and "house negroes" during American slavery.

“The House Negro of the slavery era and the Black conservative of today are both opportunists interested in securing some measure of happiness for themselves within the existing social order,” Jeffries added.

“In both cases, the social order has Blacks occupying the lowest societal echelon.”

“Hakeem Jeffries lied about his well-documented defense of bigots and anti-Semites,” National Republican Congressional Committee press secretary Will Reinert said in a statement.

“After more than a week of avoiding the issue, we view extremist House Democrats’ silence as a tacit agreement with their leaders’ hateful words.”

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