Republicans call FBI's bluff as members are permitted to see Biden 'bribery' memo

 June 9, 2023

Republicans were finally able to view an elusive memo describing a Biden family "criminal scheme" Thursday, despite the FBI's repeated claims that sharing the document would be dangerous.

The memo allegedly contains evidence of a $5 million bribe between Joe Biden and Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company that infamously gave a lucrative position to Biden's scandal-plagued son, Republicans who saw the document said.

James Comer (Ky.), the House Oversight chair and top GOP investigator into the Bidens, said the FBI "caved" after he threatened to hold director Christopher Wray in contempt for ignoring a subpoena.

Republicans call FBI's bluff

The rare contempt threat, which Comer has since retracted, took many by surprise after years of ineffectual tut-tutting from Republicans in Congress about corruption in the intelligence agencies.

“The FBI has caved and is now allowing all members of the Oversight and Accountability Committee to review this unclassified record that memorializes a confidential human source’s conversations with a foreign national who claimed to have bribed then-Vice President Joe Biden," Comer said.

Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Anna Paulina Luna (Fl.) said Thursday that the memo includes evidence of an explicit quid pro quo between Joe Biden and a Burisma executive, Mykola Zlochevsky.

According to an FBI informant, Zlochevsky paid Joe Biden and his son Hunter $5 million each to block an investigation into Burisma. Biden infamously bragged about pressuring Ukraine to fire a prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was probing the company.

“There [were] two separate transactions, one that went to Joe Biden for $5 million, one that went to Hunter Biden for $5 million,” Luna told Fox News.


Until they had their hands forced, the FBI had insisted that releasing the memo would endanger the informant.

The FBI's dramatic warnings appear to have been unfounded, or at least greatly exaggerated.

Republicans have long alleged the FBI is protecting Democrats like Biden, whose son has been under federal investigation for five years. Whistleblowers have recently alleged that the probe is being slow walked.

While Republicans say there is mounting evidence that the Biden family has engaged in money laundering, Biden appeared to ignore this claim when asked about the alleged bribe Thursday.

"Where's the money?" Biden asked, adding, "It’s a bunch of malarkey."

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