Republicans release damning new report on Biden family influence peddling

 May 11, 2023

House Republicans named members of the Biden family Wednesday who allegedly received money from a complex influence peddling operation involving over 20 shell companies. 

Republicans identified Hunter Biden, Biden's brother James Biden, James' wife Sara, Hunter's sister-in-law Hallie Biden (widow of Beau Biden), Hunter's ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, his current wife Melissa Cohen, and "three children of the president’s son and the president’s brother" as beneficiaries.

The Biden family and its associates took in at least $10 million from foreign companies in China and Romania, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee alleged. The committee released a report detailing the transactions, which occurred during and after Biden's vice presidency,

"We've never seen a presidential family receive these sums of money from adversaries around the world," chairman James Comer (R-KY) said at a press conference.

Biden's Romanian connection

The committee subpoenaed bank records showing that the Biden family received more than $1 million from a company owned by a Romanian businessman accused of corruption, Gabriel Popoviciu.

Within five weeks of a meeting between then-vice president Biden and Romania's president, Bladon Enterprises, a company Popoviciu owned, began sending money to Robinson Walker, LLC, a company owned by Hunter Biden associate Rob Walker.

Robinson Walker, LLC would receive $3 million, $1 million of which went to Biden-related accounts, including $10,000 to Hunter Biden's sister-in-law and former love interest Hallie Biden and $80,000 to an unknown "Biden." Most of these payments occurred in 2015 and 2016 while Joe Biden was vice president.

At the time, Biden was leading an anti-corruption campaign in Romania. In a 2014 speech in the country, he said, "corruption is tyranny."

"And most importantly it denies the people their dignity. It saps the collective strength and resolve of a nation. Corruption is just another form of tyranny," he said.

Chinese money

The report also delves into what Republicans described as a complex scheme to hide foreign money from individuals associated with the Chinese communist party, particularly Ye Jianming, chairman of CEFC.

Hunter Biden's professional corporation Owasco P.C. received $100,000 from a Chinese company, the report said. Gongwen Dong, an associate of Ye, kept the source hidden by "layering LLCs formed in Delaware."

The committee previously found that another company tied to Ye, State Energy HK Limited, poured over $1 million into the Biden family's pockets through Robinson Walker LLC in 2017. Some of that money went to Hallie Biden and an unknown "Biden."

The White House promptly dismissed the committee's latest report and press conference as a "political stunt," but Comer said the committee isn't finished.

"It's been very difficult. We're fighting the Biden attorneys, we're fighting the DOJ. we're fighting the FBI, we're fighting a lot of the media. And we're just trying to be transparent," he said.

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