RFK Jr refuses to name potential Supreme Court nominees

 December 23, 2023

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy faced a challenging moment during an interview with conservative activist Charlie Kirk when pressed on his preferences for Supreme Court justices.

In a video from the Daily Mail, Kennedy hesitated for several seconds when asked to name a "current or recent" Supreme Court justice aligned with his views.

The response

Eventually, he responded, "I couldn't answer that," but asserted he would appoint judges reflecting his values.

Kirk then sought clarification on Kennedy's values, asking if he leaned toward justices like liberal Elena Kagan or conservative Clarence Thomas, to which Kennedy replied, "I don't know, I wouldn't answer that."

Kirk, emphasizing the significance of the issue for voters, especially regarding Second Amendment rights and abortion, urged Kennedy to articulate his values. The independent candidate listed "important issues" such as free-market capitalism, strong environmental protection, civil liberties, human rights, bodily autonomy, and skepticism toward corporate control.

No clear answers

Kirk continued, asking Kennedy to name his favorite Supreme Court justice, to which Kennedy eventually replied with Earl Warren, acknowledging that the Warren court decided against official prayer in public schools

As the conversation continued, Kennedy expressed reluctance to endorse specific decisions, stating he would consider the whole package when evaluating a potential justice.

Kirk questioned Kennedy about nominating a judge supporting affirmative action, to which Kennedy responded that it wouldn't disqualify the judge, emphasizing a comprehensive assessment.

His campaign

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., known for his anti-vaccine stance, initially launched a presidential bid as a Democrat in April but switched to an independent run in October.

As a member of the prominent Kennedy family, he faces the challenge of securing access to each state's 2024 general election ballot.

With positions on vaccinations and conservative views on immigration, Kennedy has garnered support from voters outside traditional party lines, currently polling at around 13 percent when factoring in other independent candidates.

Kennedy is unlikely to win but could steal votes from both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, making an impact on who wins the election next year.

He now seeks to get on the ballot in all 50 states as an independent as his influence grows despite a lack of answers on some key issues in his campaign.

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Thomas Jefferson
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