RFK Jr. reportedly leaning toward lawyer Nicole Shanahan as his VP pick

 March 18, 2024

Now that the 2024 presidential candidates are set in stone, all eyes are on who a few of the candidates will choose as their running mates. 

While the country awaits a decision from former President Donald Trump on that front, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appears to be heavily leaning toward selecting his VP, with a name emerging in the headlines.

According to The Hill, lawyer and investor Nicole Shanahan is the immediate frontrunner to join RFK Jr.'s 2024 ticket.

While Shanahan wasn't exactly confirmed as the choice, curious statements from the campaign seemed to point that way.

What happened?

Kennedy’s campaign director and daughter-in-law, Amaryllis Fox, wrote a long post on X over the weekend that all but confirmed Shanahan appearing on Kennedy's ticket.

Fox addressed rumors swirling in the media regarding several potential candidates, one of which was NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Another included TV personality Mike Rowe.

"Regarding the candidates mentioned in the media, each has brought their own incomparable skills, experience and mindset to the campaign in different ways. I am profoundly grateful for them all," Fox wrote.

She added, "Nicole Shanahan has indeed been among those conversations. Her work on behalf of honest governance, racial equity, regenerative agriculture and children’s and maternal health reflects many of our country’s most urgent needs. Her decade-long focus on safeguarding our democracy against the dangers of AI and leveraging it instead to detect government corruption and abuses on behalf of the people — this is a crucial knowledge base that our current leaders in Washington lack."

Fox hinted that the announcement will be made on March 26.

"There have been many other powerful conversations during this process — some with their own links to oakland! — but I can’t give any more away, so you’ll have to tune into the livestream or join us in person on the 26th," she wrote.

Social media reacts

Users across social media weighed in with their own opinions on who Kennedy should select as his running mate, with Rowe being a popular choice.

"The only name on that list that moves the needle in Kennedy’s direction is Mike Rowe," one X user wrote.

Only time will tell who makes the final cut, but it'll undoubtedly make headlines when it's announced.

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