Rich Lowry: Jack Smith is an arsonist

 January 23, 2024

In a new op-ed in the Morning Times, National Review editor Rich Lowry referred to Jack Smith as an "arsonist" who could burn down American democracy with his prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump and his allies were able to fashion a narrative of a rigged election in 2020 with much less material than Jack Smith is now going to give them in 2024," he pointed out.

Smith is trying to rush through a trial and get a conviction of Trump--and possibly a sentencing--before the 2024 election.

"He clearly is not playing it straight, and is not proceeding at anything like a normal pace. Fairly routine Jan. 6 cases have taken longer to get from indictment to trial," he wrote.

Election interference

The 47% of the American public that supports Trump is not going to be happy with the other side if Smith's actions hurt Trump's election chances and he loses.

It's Smith and the Biden DOJ's own fault that the case is happening so close to the election--after all, "it didn’t only recently emerge, after all, that Trump gave a speech on Jan. 6 to a crowd that went on to storm the U.S. Capitol."

"Once the timing of the case pushed hard up against a national election in which Trump was likely to run, forbearance would have been the proper and public-spirited course," he argued. "But influencing the outcome of the election is clearly a feature, not a bug, for Smith and his minders."

It's not really working, at least not the way they expected. So far, Trump has benefitted from the prosecutions.

The plain facts

He laid out the situation plainly.

"The posture of the Biden administration is, basically, it’d be really awful if Republicans supported a felon for president, and, by the way, we are going to move heaven and earth to make your likely candidate a felon," he went on.

Their prosecutions have given Trump a ready-made reason to question election results no matter what happens now.

Hope they're happy.

Dangerous dynamic

"Jack Smith has foolishly and unnecessarily set in motion a dangerous dynamic," he said.

Let's hope it doesn't blow up all over what's left of our democracy.

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Thomas Jefferson
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