RNC chief of staff resigns amid reports that Trump wants Ronna McDaniel replaced as chair

 February 7, 2024

Politico has revealed that Republican National Committee (RNC) chief of staff Mike Reed will be quitting his job later this month.

That development comes amid reports that former President Donald Trump is planning some major personnel changes at the RNC.

Reed points to his "growing family" in email sent to staff

In a report published on Tuesday, Politico cited an email Reed sent to staff members in which he referenced his "growing family [that] needs and deserves my attention."

The website pointed to two people familiar with the matter who said that Reed's decision to leave "has been in the works for around a year."

The sources indicate that Reed accepted an offer from the government relations and public affairs firm Cornerstone late last year.

While Reed reportedly agreed in September to take the job, he opted to remain at the RNC until the organization held its winter meeting last week.

Trump suggests Ronna McDaniel should be replaced as RNC chairwoman

It appears that Reed isn't the only person who will be going, as Trump also hinted during an interview this past weekend with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that he also wants Ronna McDaniel replaced as RNC chairwoman

"The RNC does seem to be so strong. I mean, the Democrats have all the money," Bartiromo remarked before pointing out that the RNC is seeking credit lines.

When the host asked him how Rona McDaniel is doing in her role, Trump responded that "she did great" when she ran his 2016 presidential campaign in Michigan.

New York Times says McDaniel plans to resign after South Carolina primary

Yet the former president quickly added, "I think she did OK, initially, in the RNC. I would say right now, there'll probably be some changes made."

Trump grew more explicit when speaking with Newsmax on Monday, saying that McDaniel "understands" she should step down from her position.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported on Tuesday that it spoke with two sources who say McDaniel has already told Trump she will resign shortly after the South Carolina primary vote scheduled for February 24.

For his part, Trump is said to support replacing McDaniel with Michael Whatley, who currently serves as chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.

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